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  1. It might be an idea to read the challenge submission guidelines.
  2. Formula you need is the first one on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terminal_velocity will give you the formula and how to calculate rho in ksp,I was doing this exact thing last night. Dropping parachute landers over various kerbin altitudes, noting the touch down speed and solving for A which is the only value I don't know how to calculate. Now that I have that it is time to see if it works on duna
  3. The very small tanks (Oscar-B and ROUND-8) don't.
  4. Action groups. You can set them up in VAB just to the left of the name, there is even a special one for abort which would be activated in flight by hitting backspace. the others are 0-9 keys.
  5. Pretty sure Haystack lets you "fly" debris, so you can end its flight.
  6. Built a Rover/Lander combo for my first Mun mission. Used an octagonal strut between the rovers docking port and probe core. not a problem for the mun mission since they started docked, but when I tried to attach a new rover to the same lander for a Minmus mission I learned of the problem. Redesigned my Rover to not use octagonal struts attached it to my lander and set off for Minmus. New rover was taller than the landers legs... After several failed attempts I managed to get the rover an lander down safely and set off back to Kerbin to pick up a new design of rover and set off on a misison to Ike. New rover had a clipped Cubic Octagonal strut between the probe and docking port.
  7. When doing this is there any way to stop the symmetry going weird?
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