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  1. Rhomphaia's post in [support] 3rd tutorial "Intermediate construction" missing "Hopper" vehicle was marked as the answer   
    Yep, as far as I can see the craft file for the hopper is where it should be but the new craft loader, introduced in the 1.12 update cannot see that location.
    You can work around by ignoring the step of opening the craft and just manually placing a pod with a parachute on top
  2. Rhomphaia's post in mission is not fulfilled was marked as the answer   
    Yeah I have noticed this one.  If the probe is inside the fairing it won't work.
    putting the fairing on top of the probe should work
  3. Rhomphaia's post in TR-18A Stack Decoupler: I don't have one was marked as the answer   
    Yeah, It was in response to 18Watt, the 1.8 m size was added by Making history and the old name looks similar to those. 
    the old decouplers can still be found in game in \GameData\Squad\zDeprecated\Parts\Utility, they are hidden from being able access normally in the editor, just kept around for people running old saves that have ships still using them.  
  4. Rhomphaia's post in How to reset focus on map view these days? was marked as the answer   
    For me the reset focus is '(@)  rather than `  (though in the in game font both appear the same) and is listed under settings as "camera reset"
  5. Rhomphaia's post in Base. Station. Ship was marked as the answer   
    The command module determines it, Cockpits will be planes, rovemax will give rovers, lander cans make landers etc.
    If you right click the command module, you can select rename vessel, and change the type in the rename menu.
    You can also change it from the tracking station, select the vessel, Click the i button (bottom left) and then double click the vessels name in the info box that pops up.
  6. Rhomphaia's post in How to attach "node attachment" engine radially? was marked as the answer   
    Editor Extensions mod.
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