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  1. Ahem, I think I made a better one:
  2. Umm the file is .txt, it doesn't work, you need .sfs extension for scenarios
  3. Czok takes a lot of plot ideas and mixes them into one hell of a story.
  4. Okay time to roll out my stations! ISS: OPSEK: Mir: Stations around Jool's moons:
  5. Great design! Amazing how it is all single-launch! Though I feel for the poor kerbals in the tiny capsules, that's why my kerbals are always in Hitchhiker's when interplanetary.
  6. My new Kaltair lander WIP, an Altair lander lookalike:
  7. You're welcome! Well modded KSP doesn't provide 100% reliability, so you must always be prepared that stuff like this can happen. A guarantee is removed from your game circa v 0.21, it is in the support and bugs forum I think.
  8. Holy cr*p that was amazing is all I can say. Awesome job configuring all these servos, building the thing, coming up with the idea of Mun skiing....everything! Oh and that landing in the beginning was very skilled!
  9. 1. Make sure the files are in the right folders(one of the .craft's is a subassembly as mentioned in the OP and have to be placed in the subassembly folder 2. Make sure you launch the right version of KSP 3. Make sure you have the latest build (0.23.464) 4. Once again re-check that the files are actually there and that they are in the SPH If none of this works you can just open the .craft file of Skylon, copy the contents, create a new .craft file and paste the code in there! Open .craft files with notepad
  10. Well I downloaded it just now to keep, I'm putting it on my iPad and I'm going to walk around school all day and show what Google really is. They already scr**ed up with Android. Copying and plagiarism is not supported by me...
  11. Why send organisms from Earth to a place where there is a chance to find microbial life? So we can find life and never be sure if we found the ones we brought or the ones that were there already? We want be ale to tell the difference, which is why most landers are sterilized.
  12. Firstly, on a stanford torus, there is a docking compartment which is connected to the main wheel via a hub and the docking compartment rotates in the opposite direction if that of the station at the same speed, so to a docking spacecraft the docking ports will remain still. If we have one like in 2001 with a single docking port rotating on ts axis, then you just have to line up, make your rotation velocity match and dock! If the port is on the exterior of the ring, then no way will you be able to dock to it...
  13. Guys I suggest you read this chapter again carefully, it actually sheds some light on the Duna mystery
  14. Why are you using 2 labs?? One is enough...
  15. The challenge is to bascially deliver rocket parts to one of the moons of Kerbin(or other planet's moons) and assemble them on the surface. After that you have to launch the ready rocket! Note this is ALL stock. Suggestion on building: Suppose you have 2 stages you want to connect, and then stage during flight. Here is my suggested placement: Engine-tank-docking port-(connection after docking the parts)-docking port-decoupler-engine-tank and so on... The rocket must consist of 3 stages. It is allowed to deliver the components empty-fueled and re-fuel them on the surface by landing a tanker. Since the Klaw was introduced, this should be much easier. Good luck! This is possible but hard, I am going to try this challenge too
  16. Okay now do all that WITHOUT mods. And i did all that except for Eeloo without mods.(Well i did send a crew to Eeloo, but it was a very faily mission.)
  17. When I ask about an important feature to be implemented (Resource Mining, Star Systems, Gas Giants, Solar Panels). I get the response "There are mods for that'. But a game isn't made to be left half-done and make the modders do the job for the devs! Who'd buy a game for which to be complete you had to download 3rd party mods? Many don't even know HOW to install them, and mods are very unreliable as they can change/corrupt your game. Squad shouldn't aim so much for career but first create a base for that.
  18. I started off when I was 13, now I am 15 and constructing a space station around Laythe is no problem for me Though I had 'training' in Orbiter 2010 when I was 12, I could dock and land a space shuttle pretty much
  19. Not exactly Russian, but here she is, Vega launcher: Uh oh, post number 666! I am unlucky...
  20. iDan122

    AP Tests

    I'm having exams in about 1.5 of a week. Despite the results of my exam, I am going to a new school anyway(passed entrance test in end of april) together with 2 friends of mine.
  21. *mindgasm Such touching words! Looking forward to a 3rd installment!
  22. Who needs struts? Duct tape all the way!
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