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  1. Ah...I feel really stupid now... Thanks for the help!
  2. Hey everyone I recently got back to KSP again, after some months. I started with a clean install and added a selection of mods. Upon loading it for the first time, it crashed. After some fiddling, I figured out that MKS was the culprit. Judging from the loading screen, it seems to be doing...something with Module Manager when it dies. I've uploaded the error logs to dropbox in case anyone wants to have a look at them. If anyone had an idea as to what might be going wrong, it would be greatly appreciated since I consider MKS to be one of my essential mods.
  3. I love this mod and have been using it for ages. After not having played KSP for about nine months, I came back to it recently and I'm not sure if some functions of the base game or KAS have changed. Previously, I linked a Karbonite refinery and a fuel shuttle on the Mun with pipes. I'd activate the pump function and the refinery would pump the fuel it produced to the shuttle via the pipes. But that doesn't seem to work anymore. If the fuel tanks attached directly to the refinery are full, the converter stops, even if there are empty tanks attached via KAS. Does anyone know if this genuinely doesn't work or if this might be a specific bug with my game?
  4. Amazing job! I've always been kinda meh about Tantares but your amazing models finally convinced me to give it a go.
  5. Amazing work on those models. I've never quite been a fan of the stock look, so I love realistic parts like these. Any chance to get an alternate download link in the near future so I can try them out?
  6. This looks amazing! I've been looking for a CubeSat mod for KSP for ages and aside from BOXSat (which isn't really a miniature satellite), I could never find one. On the topic of download sites, I've noticed you are hosting your Cargo Resupply System on Curse Forge as well. Wouldn't that be an alternative for this mode too?
  7. Wow, I found a replacement for the Dragon mod that doesn't work on 1.0.x anymore! Thanks to you I can finally play KSP again Can't wait for a new link so I can download it.
  8. Very nice mod, the first live support mod I've seen so far that doesn't require me to stack dull-looking tanks on top of each other... I'd really love to use it but...I can't. If I have it installed, KSP uses 69% CPU power if I just have a rocket on the launch pad. Normally, it uses 19%. Apparently, the performance got better with the last updates so I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong? Or do you think it may clash with one of my (many) other mods?
  9. I'd really love to try this. Could give some purpose to my space probes But the file on SpacePort seems to be corrupted. Or rather...empty 0o
  10. I feel rather stupid for having to ask for help doesn't work for me. It just plain doesn't show up. I moved the content of the zip to the GameData folder but nothing happens. There is no button in the VAB. Is it possible that it's not getting along with the "Part Group & Filter" mod? Because that's also modifying the button bar. Help would be greatly appreciated
  11. I'm confused...the phase angle button doesn't show up on my MJ interface ._.'
  12. The solar panels for the satellite pack don't seem to work properly anymore. Apparently they work under certain circumstances, there's sometimes a short burst of activity when they're pointing at the exact right direction. But 99% of the time, they don't have any energy output at all. Does anyone know if and when this will be fixed and whether it's PowerTech or MMSatellites which needs to be updated? I'd be really glad about a reply because now, with the new planets, I need working ion engines for my probes more than ever
  13. Since 0.17 has changed the paths for the persistent files and the saved ships, is there any chance that you'll update the program to deal with this? I hope so, because it's really awesome and useful
  14. This might just be me or my ships, but it seems the stackable parachute doesn't work. It doesn't open anymore. I found this out about 1000m above solid ground...