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    [1.5.1+] EvaFuel Continued. No more infinite EVA Fuel!

    @Nazeform Hey thanks it actually worked!
  2. Chrischn89

    [1.5.1+] EvaFuel Continued. No more infinite EVA Fuel!

    Came here to say the same thing about the EVA refuel issue with KIS' EVA-11 Fuel Canister. The tanks are full but the "Refuel" action does nothing when clicking on it. Tried dropping it on the ground, picking it up again, exchanging them with other Kerbals etc. nothing worked. By the way in the mod settings page you wrote "EVA Propellent Type: MonoPropellant" but I doubt that's more than a simple text typo than the cause for this issue right?
  3. Chrischn89

    KSP Music

    Now it's official: You have my vote for being the composer of the KSP soundtrack! I heard your track yesterday and ever since I can't get it out of my head. Had to re-find this thread just to tell you how awesome your music is. It fits KSP's humor and adventurous ambiente perfectly!
  4. It's so complicated to calculate Delta Vs... I can't for example figure out how solid rocket booster come into play when calculating. Any advice on this?
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    Doesn\'t seem to work for me?