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  1. I have three satellites sitting in orbit around the Mun, and each of them has a pair of DTS-M1 antennas. Antennas on each sat are deployed, and all three are within line of sight of each other. DSN is fully upgraded. All 3 sats are fully powered and controllable. Despite this, while all three sats will communicate with Kerbin, none of them are talking with each other. Any guesses as to what I'm missing?
  2. She's judging you. The amount of time that you take to make a decision here may be indicative of the effort/lack thereof that you put into your missions.
  3. Just like the SLS parts, it would be fair to assume that mining equipment is endgame equipment. Yes, starting off with mining equpment will always be easier, just as starting off with SLS engines and tanks will always be easier orbit access than the Orange tank and Mainsail. And if you're always in sandbox (like I usually am), then you're already "cheating" by giving yourself infinite resources and funds, so who cares?
  4. No, it's fine where it is. The joy of KSP is puzzle-solving with the parts that you have. Balancing resources other than fuel and electricity is a game that can be played and lost on the ground, since the antagonist is not the skill of the user, just time.
  5. this isn't a traditional fuel station, but the method that I've been using is to design my spacecraft tugs to be able to dock to itself while remaining docked to another payload. This way, I know that my fuel will reach its destination, along with a fuel margin representing what the original payload was. Using this method, I have saved fuel-hungry ships orbiting Duna, Laythe, and Bop without ever having to waste time worrying about station construction. That said, pre-positioning one of these tugs around a planet could also act as a fuel cache. It's all in how you interpret it.
  6. I like the mix that we currently have. On the one hand, I do like some of the analogs; Mun, Duna, and Jool being the obvious ones. I also like the places where it diverges. Eve and Minmus are both wonderful early-game targets that give you a sense of accomplishment without being too complicated. I would still like to see at least one ringed gas planet before we're through though, for the screenshots if nothing else.
  7. I don't see it affecting my Kerbin-Mun-Minmus missions much, but I can easily see it opening up more complex ops at Duna (using Ike as the mine) and backup options around Jool (using Bop, Pol, or Vall as the mine). Maybe if I did career mode more often, I could see it affecting my vehicles from Kerbin, but otherwise Kerbin is a bottomless fuel depot. the real value of in-situ resource gathering is that it means less complexity involved in refueling exploratory vessels around other planets.
  8. While I think that KSP has certainly helped with younger people, I think that the high-profile work being done with Commercial Crew has a stronger impact. When I talk to older people, I'm more likely to hear the word "SpaceX" than "Kerbal"
  9. I was looking back through a number of old books and TV shows about the Apollo and Space Shuttle programs and kept noticing how engineers and pilots got a close sense of connection to their ships, to the point of giving them personalities (apparently Shuttle Discovery was fond of messing with pad engineers, while Atlantis was more polite) or thinking back to where the components of them were now. Have any of you connected to any spacecraft you built on a personal level? If so, I'd like to hear your stories.
  10. Wish I had this option. I know that there are a few that I tend to return to in my thoughts. With construction, it's usually the HBO series "From the Earth to the Moon" and the episode "Spider" (The whole series is superb. If you like KSP, you MUST get your hands on this series) If it's launch, then it's probably Apollo 13 And if it's something really complicated, then it's probably the Jupiter aerobraking scene from the film of 2010...sadly I couldn't find a clip of it.
  11. No, I don't think that it's ready. My primary reason is that the new update is going to feature a new aerodynamics model, which could mean that our entire intuition about what it means to build rockets in KSP may now be subject to drastic change. If either a) the aerodynamics wind up buggy or the aerodynamics wind up contributing to a poor gameplay experience, then this would be a terrible note for Squad to officially release on, and would garner it criticism that could easily (though wrongly) link it to other games on the market that have been released without "being ready". My two cents? Ma
  12. My family has a bad history with manned spaceflight. Challenger blew up on my dad's birthday, Vladamir Kormarov had his chute fail about forty years before my brother was born, and Columbia broke up right before my younger sister's birthday. As a result, astronaut deaths come up as a discussion topic once every month and a half in my house. Needless to say, I move heaven and earth to make sure that my Kerbals come home safely, even if that means losing half of a real-life day duplicating earlier feats to bring extra fuel to missions stranded out by Jool.
  13. ENGINES LVT30 - "Starter engine with no gimbal" LVT45 - "Starter engine with gimbal" LV909 - "Old mun lander engine" LV-N - "Nuclear engine" Rockomax "Poodle" Liquid Engine - "Poodle" "Skipper" - "The Medium engine" "Mainsail" - "The big engine" KR-TL - "The huge engine" KS-25x4 - "The SLS engine" RT-10 - "Old SRBs" BACC Solid Fuel Booser - "New SRBs" S1 SRB - "SLS SRBs" Other Pegasus 1 - "Rungs" Telus-LV Bay - "Ladder" Gigantor XL Solar Array - "Station Panels" OX-4W - "Square panels" OX-4L - "Solar panels" (For whatever reason, these are the only proper basic solar panels in my book. probab
  14. Manned Landing and Return: Mun Minmus Duna Ike Gilly Dres Laythe Bop Pol Manned flyby (no landing, either because didn't bring the equipment or can't) and return: Kerbol Eve Jool Tylo One way orbit insertions: Moho Eeloo Vall Those of you who know, where should I go next? Moho, Eeloo, or Vall? I don't have the spare time to conduct an Eve or Tylo mission.
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