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  1. This is a great idea... but if I were to cast my vote... I'd say have converters work at 25% without a specialist. Engineer? And up to 100% with level 5. Can make it a similar scale to drills. My 2 cents.
  2. Anyone else having their command modules be effected by G forces when engaging warp? Turns out they can't handle the 7,642,582 G when accelerating to Warp 1.
  3. So it has no vital function... ok. Deleted. And Yes.. I do nice long burns at 4x speed. I don't mind letting my KSP run in the background for 15 minutes doing a 1 hour burn.
  4. Is the persistent rotation mod key in any function of KSP-IE? I'm getting sick of it spinning my ships apart if I have them targeted during high time warp.
  5. Thanks for taking the time to reply.. and with actual numbers! All of the other information I'm getting, even though it may not all be the same, makes it obvious to process the science while landed/splashed on the planet of origin. I'm just finding it hard to believe no other factors than 'SOI' and 'Landed' are taken into account. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised; most bodies are only rock and space. No atmo.. or water. Wait... Can you confirm that the science lab properly considers splashed as landed?
  6. So.. I'm one of the 4k+ hour players like many on here... and I've decided to start a new campaign and challenge myself a little / give myself something to do. The goal: Have a single science lab process each and every piece of science in the Kerbol System. On top of that.. it would be fun to see just how high I can get that science number. So.. I read that the value you get from the report when turned into data is dependent on the location of the science lab at the moment when you convert it. It wasn't perfectly clear.. but it did mention a distinction between orbit and landed.. and that
  7. Seemed to have found a problem with the tech tree. Improved Nuclear Power Node.. Thermal Electric Generator Upgrade... still 31%. EDIT: Hrmm, it's just a text error. ~Steve
  8. So I've taken a long break from KSP... KSPI used to be a big part of my love for this game. A huge thanks to FreeThinker for keeping this mod alive. Really looking forward to 1.2 official release tomorrow. ~Steve EDIT: Quick random question: Do the KSPI:E radiators do double duty for the vanilla heat dissipation also for drills and ISRU?
  9. Is vertical snapping actually working for anyone? The past couple versions have not been working for vertical snapping to the mid point... like it used to. ~Steve
  10. Another option is to use tweakscale.... make the KIS cans a hair smaller. ~Steve
  11. Just slap a small fission reactor onto a launch clamp. Easy. And to self sustain.. add a charged particle gen ~Steve
  12. Hey FreeThinker.. remind me exactly what the SootFactor you put on LOX will do? Clog radiators? Certain thrusters? What? Still having problems chasing down the issue with the icons/parts vanishing from SPH/VAB when reverting. It's throwing some weird errors.. makes me think it might have something to do with remote tech.. well.. the warnings. The exceptions / Nulls... dunno. ~Steve
  13. Ok.. I'm getting a new BUG that I'm having a little trouble pinning down... but I think it's tied to the low tech nuclear reactors. Whenever I revert to the VAB all items vanish from the bar, and none of the sorting tabs work. Exit and re-enter fixes the issue. Someone else want to confirm this? ~Steve EDIT: Example:
  14. I'm confused... so you're saying we shouldn't yet use the KSPI science experiments because you're going to increase the science values? And what's this about the new science labs? Are the KSPI science labs going to increase science output of KSPI or all science experiments? ~Steve EDIT: The thermal nozzles take the thermal power by design. When using Fusion reactors use a charged particle generator on the opposite side to maintain the fusion reactor. At least, that's what I do. EDIT2: Is anyone else having an issue in the VAB with all items disappearing when they choose to revert to the VA
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