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  1. Thanks for the help SpaceK531 and Snjo. I have now managed to fix the shadows on the part but there are still some odd shadows under it that I don't understand.
  2. I've been following this thread for a while now and thought It would be fun to see if I could make a part. I have no real experience with modeling and know nothing about blender and almost nothing about unity. I have been having problems with my textures and shadows and was wondering if someone could tell me what I'm doing wrong and how I can fix it.
  3. because my school is closed tomorrow because of a teacher strike! A whole day to play 0.22
  4. This time is very impractical. I think I could cope with 16:00 (CST) but that is still late for a lot of people and is 10PM in england. Still better than midnight.
  5. what about what shape of wing is most efficient when travailing over a distance of 100km at an equal altitude (in game you could use 10k, but in real life it would relate to a different altitude). To do this you would have a plane with say 3 fuel tanks and one engine and just change the wings. each time you could see how much fuel remained when you are 100km away.
  6. There should be air brakes. That would look really cool when landing
  7. I think a thick atmosphered but low gravity planet closer to the sun. I don't like eve much so and Moho isn't that interesting so I need more reason to go closer to the sun instead of always going to Duna, Jool and Eeloo.
  8. are you lot suggesting there is a world out side the forums?
  9. cool, but it took a while from NASA. It would get close a few times but then end up on something completely random and would take another few minuets to get back to anything philosophical.
  10. banned for being addicted to banning games
  11. They aren't birds, they are working kerbals.
  12. Thats actually a great shot. I might use that as by desktop background
  13. Is this bad? I actually play a few online games. Now I know why i die. Notice the time as well. I isn't like its busy here at 2 AM
  14. Defiantly the Russian Energia. Not because of the buran, but because it had so much potential. Problem is, when I build it in KSP it just falls over with anything on the side, and looks odd with a fairing on top because the boosters look out of proportion