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  1. Personally, I use sketchup with these extensions: STL import/export, Align, Solid Inspector² and, Shell. I can design most things an FDM printer can reasonably create. Solid inspector is a must have. Another trick is to build in meters aka 1000 times bigger than you actually want. then simply export generic "Units". When importing into the slicing program use millimeters as the import units setting.
  2. While trying to adjust staging, I set up my view so I could see all the decouplers at the same time. But, when I go to select the icons in the staging bar, it selects the actual decoupler behind. I could have sworn that this worked in a previous version.
  3. I just tried, right click seems to work consistently (tweaking values in the VAB) but, right click and drag to change view is not.
  4. FWIW Space X changed the layout of the engines for reasons of easier servicing/replacement.
  5. With regard to test 3, tap "f" after desired attitude is attained.
  6. You're welcome. It was a matter of failing to orbit a few times, learning the delta-v and TWR for each stage and then adjusting the ascent angles to keep the Ap in front of you until circularization.
  7. [Wall-o-text warning] IIRC I burned straight up to 8000. Then pitch over 10* (not 10* above the horizon, 10* from vertical) till 1st stage burnout. Ignite the second stage and loosely follow prograde to 45* pitch and hold it until 35000. Then pitch to 25* above horizon, and hold until flame out. you should be moving about 1850m/s with an apoapsis of around 53000-58000m. 3rd stage ignition continues on the 25* pitch from the last stage and pushes apoapsis up to 73000, pitch to keep apoapsis in front of you and it should be about 75000 upon circularization all with "1" burn. When I used this I had 120 Fuel left in the 3rd stage after an 860 m\s burn for TMI. Edit: Oh yeah, Full throttle all the way for the first 2 stages and obviously the poodle stage.
  8. press r to enable rcs then press and hold left shift to climb. Release left shift before you go to high. Then, turn the camera square to your rocket and once high enough, bump the w key a few times to move forward.
  9. Hey, I\'ve been trying to do this also. Here is what I have so far. I am trying to get the currently smallest mun rocket called 'The Bare Minimum' designed by Apotheosist over here, http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/index.php?topic=11407.0 to the mun and back. That thing is a handfull, I was able to get within 30 meters of a Mun landing but it was the side of a mountain, so I just returned to Kerbin. Here is my attempt to get 'The Bare Minimum' to the Mun I used this lifter that I was able to land on the Mun with 8 full fuel tanks just to test the lifting capacity and a return pod (unfotunately I measured the gear wrong) Also, to give an idea to Nao for landing at a certain point, try using aerobraking (a higher Pe) on the return to lower your apoapsis. Once it is low enough it will be easier to eyeball the landing retro burn, since it\'s anybody\'s guess as to where you land until we get some more instrumentation.