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  1. As Winston said, we've fixed pretty much most of the issues. Now I've got to get 3 hours sleep before I go get a plane and go on holiday for a week, Winston will be watching so if anything goes horrifically wrong he'll be around. For the FAR users who want to use the old fairings, they're in the extras folder. There were quite a few tweaks to the thermal stuff as well, such as making decouplers hardly conductive to stop mass loads of heat transferring between stages etc. Feedback is always appreciated. Finally, big thanks to Nathan Kell for making the plugin that allowed us to make emissives w
  2. Turns out I'm running into some problems with unresolvable seams. The worst problem is probably the fact that I can't match the colour palettes at all, for some reason the p.fairing textures come out ridiculously darker, even a a 100% white texture will come out looking grey due to what I'd assume are lighting issues. Then there's also no specular map support, and I can't figure a way of changing the glossiness, if it's even an option. I wouldn't mind giving it a shot, but we're not the most plug-in oriented mod so I honestly wouldn't know where to start.
  3. I think I've come up with a cheeki way to mitigate the horrible texture warpage on the inner faces. The top faces are a total loss though, because squad. So tomorrow I'll see what I can come up with for texturing the stuff.
  4. Like I said, I'd play around with it. It's just stock fairing module has problems with issues like texture warping all over (note the strip of super squashed texture) .
  5. I'm going to keep them around for that reason. I'll probably bump them into the extras folder. It surprised me that squads execution of procedural fairings turned out to be worse than original community made one. But regardless I'm going to have a mess around with the stock fairing system and see if I can do anything meaningful with it. It probably wont look that pretty, considering the massive abhorrent texture tile shredding that I noticed during use. The ideal fairing system (for me) is pretty much going to be what Sumghai is planning to do anyway, procedural fairings that limit you to re
  6. I'm going to take a look at all the balance things once my exams end, but until then you'll have to sit tight. Should be around the 12th or so next month.
  7. Download the file here on dropbox Funnily enough I do actually have a set of stock "balance" numbers hidden in the dark depths of a forbidden excel spreadsheet tab. Did you use any performance metrics for the engines when you came up with your numbers or did you just use straight edit the stats? Sorry for the sparse replies all around guys and gals. I'm still knee deep in various levels of work and pretty much have been over the entirety of the Christmas holiday. Although I'm fairly sure I'll get a nice chunk of free time in a couple of weeks, so I'll use that to take a look over some things
  8. Has anyone benchmarked and determined the rough gains you get by using .dds in ksp with the previously mentioned loaders? If it's reasonable I might think about converting all the textures on my end and doing some release magic when I get some time (dissertations and coursework up the yazoo n all that).
  9. 1. Yeah, if you reversed it they'd collapse inwards, we could probably fix it to be "positive" if we dicked around. But "if it ain't broke" and all that. 2. It's just there for the sake of squeezing out as much height as possible if you have a relatively \ / conical 'rear end' to your fairing load.
  10. http://puu.sh/d40Lb/c358723ac6.rar The specular maps are contained within the alpha channel of the main texture. I can't remember how procedural handles textures though. Stuff in the KW folder is generally finally exported as .mbm though, which is why you find anything, you can convert it but without some superPNG tweaking it'd look half transparent.
  11. I'm assuming you're not using version "v2.6d2". I redid the IPR config files after forgetting to commit them on the previous release. The majority of the engines should now be at scale 1,1,1 sans a few outliers. I'll be honest, I'm not the best person to do this. I Haven't dabbled enough with the cfg workings of FAR to know how to works, but I'm sure someone else in this thread has an idea. Right, guys?
  12. v2.6d2 should be coming very soon, it fixes the issues with the instant power response configs and the launch clamp sounds. If you don't use either of those, it shouldn't be an issue.
  13. I just thought about it now, and I may have accidentally overlooked changing the scaling on the instant power response configs, I'll look into it when I get back home later. But I think that might be it.
  14. V2.6d has been released! see OP for DL's. This version mainly fixes the scale issues and changes some of the entry costs, but there are also a few other minor fixes that I've applied. I decided to delay implementing any soundscape changes and contracts stuff because it needed more testing than I was able to put in. I'll probably wrap them all up in their own mini update to be put out in the near future. A word on entry costs. I came up with (what I thought was) a nice little pricing solution for engines/solids, the jist of it is the entry cost is that it's the combination of the 'tech level (
  15. So, I've gone through and fixed all the scale issues with KW Rocketry for the latest fix. I've got a few other things I need to before release. But the main thing that I see holding it up is the 'economy check', I haven't had enough time to search the forums but does anyone know if anyone's got a list of any price changes .24 -> .25? It looks like it'll be end of tomorrow that I'll try and get release up for, I've got some stuff to do when I get home tomorrow but I should be able to put in the last few bits and release it. Hopefully. I gotta shoot off to sleep.
  16. Hey guys. Sorry for the slow uptake guys, I've been spending the last few days bedridden due to a blasted cold so I didn't see release or the problems it brought along and Winston was also on holiday so we have been caught off guard. I can't give you a solid deadline for when the fixes will be out as I've just now gotten visibility of this, but I'd hope for sometime late this weekend. I'll add in a bunch of other fixes that have been looming around and some other small things that are about. Hopefully it shouldn't be too hard to zip through the scales and check on the pricing/research amounts.
  17. Looks like you didn't delete the previous version before installing the new one, as those thinner RCS tanks don't exist in the latest version.
  18. I see what I did when I input the cost, if you go in the part file you'll notice that entryCost is what the actual cost should be. I'll change it for the next release. Cheers. I'll knock up a prototype and see how it rolls, I have a feeling it would cause problems if for some reason someone had them in parallel with another set of stacks.
  19. I was writing a reply and he beat me to it, the only thing you'd be missing of things somewhat 'related' to fairings would be the 3m petal adapter and the adapter shroud decouplers. I honestly didn't know what the exact arguments were in the sound/effects system, but now that I look at it with what you've said it does seem pretty obvious. We'll no doubt have another look at them before the next version, so we'll see how that goes. Cheers by the way.
  20. I loaded up your craft file and it didn't fire first time, then I took off the shroud and put it back on it the same place and it worked fine. I did a bit of poking around and you don't seem to be the only person experiencing this error regardless of mods installed, so I'd imagine it might have something to do with 64bit. Trying on 32bit might be a good idea.
  21. Shrouds are working for Stock & NovaPunch engines and I don't see any errors. Therefore I suspected a faulty KW install on my side at first. However, once I removed everything except KW the shrouds appeared, so yes there is a conflict. Do you see anything suspicous? Otherwise I'll do the ususl "add one mod and test" dance EDIT: got it! It was my own foolishness of course... I had an old tweak lying around which fixed KW & TweakScale. Looks like it's not required anymore, but it messed up with the shroud models... Well I'm glad you managed to fix it, hopefully your efforts will
  22. Do you have any other mods or plugins installed that could interact with the shroud functionality?
  23. I cannot replicate this, as much as I've tried. As I result I can't even really try and fix it without commiting something that will bust how it functions for other people. Because I can't replicate it, I'm inclined to believe something else is clashing and causing it. If you have any ideas, shoot. Does the issue occur with just KW tanks? Seeing as you've said it happens with both stock and KW engines. Which SRBs specifically? I can't recall ever having had this problem.
  24. The majority of the engines now have a cloned top node for this very reason, you can place shrouds/etc on them without triggering the automatic shroud. This was the design intent for the petal adapter. Bigger rockets enabling you to lift heavier cargo into orbit isn't anything I wouldn't expect, if that weren't the case I'd question what their use. Generally speaking the way we've setup the balance for KW rocketry at the moment relies on the thrust to weight ratio of the engines increasing relative to their size/role. To counter this they have a drop off in their ISP. If you wanted to point
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