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  1. I am getting supreme jitteriness on my planes. They are brand new as well.
  2. Awesome, awesome, awesome. It may be a while from now, but having this would help so much.
  3. So it seems that this thread has boiled down to what people think about how the future career mode and resources should work together. My idea is this: Whenever you start sending Kerbals farther out than Minmus or start making a base on either of the moons and farther out, then resource gathering will become a major concern. By mining or drilling once you get to a new planet, you can have resources such as fuel and water (if they add such life support systems) and then return to said planet. If a base is secured on either of the moons orbiting Kerbin, then mining should also be a smaller priority considering keeping a bunch of Kerbals supplied should require some work. I hope that in the future we can have something that tells us the current status of a mission, such as a base on the Mun, and give us information on resource supplies. If it was low, you could jump to that mission and go out in a small scout vehicle and bring back the needed supplies. Maybe it could be a mod. I don't know. My last opinion on the matter would be that Kerbals should only need to run on water so as to make such resource gathering and life support systems simpler.
  4. You filthy casual! Just kidding. But I feel like if you aren't going to be doing mining, you would probably have quite the amount of difficulty getting far out or maintaining a base.
  5. I will definitely be waiting for an extensive mod pack for added resources.
  6. Wow, awesome stuff, super pumped for this update more than ever!
  7. Looks awesome! These kinds of crafts are going to be good for career mode!
  8. I remember in the livestream, EJ was flying his shuttle and someone said that he was playing on a older and un-optimized version with the new shaders and that was causing some lag. Is there any performance increase at all as compared to the old shader model (I think that is what it is)?
  9. Well I do like the new planet textures and all the nice features (such as the new terrain gen and craters) but I feel like some, not all, parts need some redoing. Such as the nose cone, it is a weird black and white texture and when put on other tanks it just looks a little wonky. Some of the newer parts look nice such as the cupola and the new small tank and such.
  10. I feel like there should be, considering newer parts look different from older parts. Especially with the new SPH and VAB, the parts seem so out of place. Is this something that is possible for one to do on their own?
  11. Maybe instead of that, try putting a docking port on the bottom or near the cockpit and one on the truck at the same angle and height so that they can dock. I've seen a few trucks on the forums that use this.
  12. I reaaaallly want these implemented. Holy cow, so awesome, especially Aelion and the Iaon. The only problem would be how to pronounce them!
  13. Holy sweet jesus. I just assembled a two way vehicle for a Duna trip and didn't think I had enough fuel for the trip. I think I can squash my concerns now. Do you use kerbal engineer for the delta v check?
  14. That looks awesome! And holy cow, that thing makes it to minmus?!
  15. This mod is incompatible, or doesn't work, with the latest versions of the game. Check out firespitter for parts similar to these.