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  1. Seems like it only works if you have blizzy's toolbar installed as well.
  2. IMO the S2 pod needs someplace to put a docking port, alternatively make a 2m retractable clampotron sized docking port
  3. I thought the whole point of this forum is to support our younger members. admittedly little jimmy's cfg edit of the unsized parts isn't really worth much, is there really a point to ban him because he didn't even know what a license was, and was just trying out modding for the first time. (also, its licensing, not licenseing)
  4. Okay, but it being "garbage" isn't for the cm to decide, its for the person posting content. Otherwise it becomes a slippery slope of xy aren't licenses, but z is.
  5. Wait a minute. So all plugins are required to have source posted then this happens! Anyways, this was posted a while back, relevant now:"Though if you plan to use a significant amount of some plugin's code you may need author's permission". How significant was this "stealing" either choose plugin source or "protected" plugins.
  6. So put a removed feature back in, when the entire dev team felt that it was a broken feature?
  7. Got it. For some reason the parts were mixed up and stuff wasn\'t where it was supposed to be. Parts were intersecting, stuff wasn\'t connected.
  8. Little FYI, the SDS-X craft just explodes on the pad.
  9. N10do64

    FNG here!!

    To preorder it, it is only 7 bux on the download page.I plan on doing it very soon.