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  1. But what, exactly, does it have to send? It doesn't know your credit card number, name, address, phone number, job, facebook account names, mailbox, contacts, etc. It doesn't even know whether it's legit or pirated. It's got nothing.
  2. There's about 40 pages more explaining why if you're really curious. Bottom line, the game as downloaded never asks for your credit card and still works if you unplug your network cord, it can't possibly be watching anything or stealing anything. Let me know if that ever changes.
  3. Today I decided to stop farting around and begin a serious, real mission. Not grinding any more for tech, going to Duna without it, no nukes, no ions, and bringing every instrument, lab, and crew specialty with me while providing lavish return accommodations for three. ...something exploded on the way up but whatever it was wasn't important enough to be noticed in its absence yet. I *DID* forget a survey scanner, just plumb forgot, but I've got time to add one as everything's rendezvousing at Minmus anyway. To pick up fuel, of course.
  4. I don't know, I suspect it comes in at least a little bit. I've noticed some kerbals are *MUCH* better at EVA than others.
  5. I've had a part I needed to grapple fall straight through the mun. Nothing to do but cancel and take the hit. You can't win them all.
  6. A good reaction wheel will also help a lot. Really though, you're taking the path of maximum resistance. It's not unreasonable for a top heavy lander to be unstable. Building wider, or just smaller in general, will make it more stable.
  7. Take a ship, and hit it with something at 300m/s. Take the biggest piece that remains. That's your shipwreck.
  8. Had a long string of errors recently. Cut a little too close to the mun trying to make rendezvous. SMACK. Luckily unmanned. Cut just a little too close to the station trying to make rendezvous. SMACK, lost an engine. (Sensing a pattern?) Had to power up the lander's teeny spark engine to move my tourists the rest of the way. My entire sausage fest of eco-sensitive self-landing fuel tanks arrived in Minmus orbit empty! I'll have to send my miner up to rescue them.
  9. You can adjust the burn rate of solid engines in the VAB.
  10. All the oldest engines are basically unmoddable. They need to be rebuilt from the bottom up.
  11. The contract system lacks imagination as it's a machine and cannot lead you towards complicated long term goals. You're free to make your own. How about, build a fuel depot orbiting minmus and a surface miner to serve it. Attempt a double-capture of an asteroid - first into wide Kerbin orbit then wide Munar orbit by finessing it into munar intercepts. Clean up your own space debris in as amusing a manner as you can contrive. etc.
  12. Difference between orbit mode and surface mode. Which wasn't so much "click" as "impact".
  13. Around here that's normal launch procedure until I get enough tech for the long-reach decouplers.
  14. The contract didn't void itself, but didn't complete either. They work for other people though, so I guess just a glitch.
  15. +1. Basic mechanical engineering, when things start getting big enough to resonate, you better have a plan.
  16. I had a bunch of tourists in orbit in a craft that turned out to prefer to re-enter with the heat shield facing backwards. So I docked it to a random piece of space debris I had sitting on the station, and then it re-entered swimmingly.
  17. What I do is launch STRAIGHT up 100,000m and come STRAIGHT down, in a pod sufficiently light to quickly reduce to parachute velocity plus a heatshield for survival. The 2-man airplane tube works well for this purpose if you can convince it to face the right direction on re-entry. However, I no longer take these missions because in 1.3.1 at least the contract will not be fulfilled when they pass out.
  18. For large enough craft I sometimes have to aerobrake at 55km.
  19. Well, there's lots of things in Russian space history they still won't own up to, so it's at least possible.
  20. Building bigger and bigger and bigger until something explodes is not a bug. That happens in real life too.
  21. I will kindly pretend you ignored it. I will also kindly ignore your notes on optimization as if you read my post closely you'll see I brought up both things you mention first. Fair enough.
  22. 5 newtons is a lot for a microsatellite! Aim lower
  23. This is true of all parachutes. They used to not do that - real parachutes won't ask your RADAR what altitude to open, and KSP parachutes require no power to operate anyway - but this caused significant rage from capsules hitting mountains and was changed. If it's anything like the rest of in-game parachutes, there is a Maximum altitude (above surface) Minimum air pressure Maximum amount of strain I say strain, not velocity, as the velocity capsule parachutes will open is dependent on mass. A heavy craft will need to slow down a lot more before chutes open than a light one. Weight here is constant, so it's probably an equation of velocity versus altitude below the maximums it will open at all.