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  1. Now my parachutes all burn up even if they are protected by a heatshield, I've placed 3 heatshields in a curve over my mk I pod to protect the parachutes but they still burn up if I come from the mun so I've resorted to putting them in the utility tank.
  2. You doomed us all! We missed the 502 page! We were supposed to end it there but now we disrespected the forum gods! WE'RE DOOMED! DOOOOOOOOOOooooomed
  3. It will be released before this video ends: https://youtu.be/hGlyFc79BUE
  4. We should do a countdown, surely the gods will favour us and release it when we reach 0. 50!
  5. I wonder if you can get closer to the sun with a sufficient amount of heatshields.
  6. Not really an easter egg if all you have to do is check Dress on the map.
  7. I look forward using a ring of airbrakes and parachutes to slow down while landing on Duna. I assume Eve will be pretty difficult to land this time, it's atmosphere is thick as soup.
  8. Also he just confirmed he miscalculated the parts, it's not 75, it's 38. lol
  9. That's what I mean, each time you orbit, land or return from a planet or moon it gives you an achievement, while most games use steam only for it some games have their own in the ingame menu that work with steam which means KSP could have in game achievements that work together with steam if needed.
  10. Some games have ingame achievements that also work with steam. TBH KSP is one of the games where achievements would benefit a lot to the gameplay. There isn't really a system in the game that shows which planet you've orbited, landed on or returned from and that's quite a miss. It would make me push that extra hard to reach all the moons and planets.
  11. M83 - Wait Interstellar theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFn2JcfKtJo Question, is the possible to replace the ksp song files with different ones?
  12. I don't think they will release it in 10 days but maybe a release date. There's not enough hype yet outside the KSP community and 10 days is too short to get people's attention unless they don't aim for a big 1.0 release with fireworks and everything.
  13. Yea I think a lot of people who play stock KSP will use the hinges and other moving parts. When I build a rover for a low gravity body I make sure the wheels are wide apart but strapping it on a rocket is quite hard. If I could fold parts of it in with a piston it would make things easier.
  14. I know there are mods that add moving parts to the game but I and I assume quite a lot of people mostly play vanilla (at least at first). This game could use hinges and other moving parts as standard to let's say make a rover that would normally be so big it would be a problem to the structure to launch it especially with the new aerodynamics. It would benefit the game immensly.
  15. I don't play KSP because I'm bored of it for now and even if I wasn't I would wait for the moment it's released. I'm pretty sure it's the calm before the storm, people don't play it because the next update will make it the official 1.0 version. It will be THE KSP, how the game was always meant to be.
  16. Right now it doesn't really matter if you put the game on easy or hard, it's your own personal choice. There isn't really a feature that rewards making the game harder for yourself so why should you besides your desire to have a challenge in the game. I propose a score that reflects how well you're doing: - How many missions you've completed - How many kerbals have died - How many planets you've visited - How much money you have And on top of that a multiplier that reflects the difficulty, each difficulty option having a certain number e.g. turning off quicksaving multiplies the score by 1.3, turning off respawning multiplies by 1.5, etc. That way cranking up the difficulty is reflected on your score and you can compare it to people who have a lower difficulty giving you an advantage over them. You can even have a global score list.
  17. At the start of career you can only accept 2 missions at a time and rockets can't be over 30 parts and 18 tons. The first missions are easy, getting into orbit is manageable but reaching the moon is impossible (afaik), the visual survey missions are only useful if you have the basic space plane parts (wheels come quite late in R&D and sure you can use a rocket for it but that's difficult to do and impossible if you have to do multiple ground surveys) but you need quite a lot of science for it and to get science you need funds, to get funds you need to do missions but for the missions you need to have the right parts. To be hounest I don't like testing parts so I avoid those missions, it's tedious, you need to reach a certain height at a certain speed and have the correct part selected in your stage. It wouldn't be the first time I reach all the factors but can't complete the mission because I already had the part on so I have to put it in a next stage but by then I'm either too slow or too high. The game is just in beta so a lot of stuff will be added and balanced but I feel for now the career is too difficult, the limitations put on you sometimes feel artificial and are in the way of completing missions you normally have no problem with. The first missions (from start to, let's say, getting into orbit) should give you enough funds and science to upgrade a couple of buildings and unlock the more important parts like wheels, wings and bigger tanks.
  18. A mun lander with 3 kerbals didn't have enough fuel to reach kerbin again so I send a ultra lightweight rescue vehicle, 3 seats around a fuel tank and a parachute. Everything went well, I reached the mun, loaded them up and was in a trajectory towards kerbin. However with the last stage that would seperate the fuel tank from the probe that connected the seat something went wrong and the whole thing exploded. Luckily the kerbals survived but 2 were on a collision trajectory to kerbin and one was in orbit. I build a ship, launched it and picked up the 2 kerbals in freefall.
  19. We know buildings will be upgrade-able but I'm wondering what effect each upgrade will have on each building. My best guesses are: VAB/SPH: You could have a part limit per build that increases Research center: You only get the partial research tree and unlock parts of it Hiring complex: raising the experience of the kerbals you can hire Admin building: Unlocking strategies Radar: Increasing distance you can detect objects Launch pad: Size and weight it can carry I don't know how else it would work. Any ideas?
  20. With upgrading buildings and earning experience for the Kerbals we could also consider making parts up-gradable especially since the tech tree tends to be finished quite fast. Engines could have a mark I, II, III, .... which improves power and ISP but at an increase of cost. I heard that upgrading parts wasn't considered to be a good idea because it would complicate sharing rockets but if you can keep the previous versions available (you don't always need the most powerful version) it shouldn't complicate things too much. It would lengthen the time you unlock all the best parts by a considerable margin especially if you make the upgrades pretty expensive. Tanks could contain more fuel and add an ISP bonus. Engines could increase in power and ISP RCS tanks get more fuel RCS thrusters could be more powerful Solar panels become more efficient Pods could increase in RCS fuel and power supply Wheels get more grip etc.
  21. ...and is happy with the updates so far? I see a lot of people complaining that career isn't really that good and that they weren't really interested in 0.25. While their opinions should be heard the other side should also speak up sometimes to balance all the negativity. I didn't play KSP for a while, I did play sandbox mode a lot back in the 0.1X updates but i got bored of the game for a while. I tried every update but I always realized most there weren't that many chances to start a new playthrough, however this time with 0.25 I decided to play it some more. With the new difficulty options I could now turn off the time reversal adding significant risk and fun to the game. The new parts are nice and paying for research also makes my budget more risky. I had to start a flag farm on several planets to keep my budget in check (I'm not the most efficient builder). I like the way the game is going and last update made me go back to the game at least for a short while. (I'm saving up so when the game comes out officially I'm not completely bored of it)/
  22. 600 000 after a fair amount of missions but without rewinding so every mistake is permanent. I just managed to send my first probe to Duna and Ike and that mission was a matter of life or death when it came to my space program because all my funds when into it. Thankfully I succeeded in several contracts and I now I have 600 000.
  23. I turned off rewinding so my rockets preferably have to be perfect from the start. I lost Jeb, Bob and 2 other Kermans because of failed designs but right now I have send a rocket to Duna, "landed" on it too, without a problem. Also because a failed design sometimes means a big chunk of my budget is gone I have to be really careful I stick to the budget. The trip to Duna was very fruitful as I orbited Duna AND Ike and also landed on Duna and transmitted science to KSC during all of that. It was all to complete contracts so I have around 600 000 kerbs now. However my rocket to Duna was over a 100 000 so I can't do it like in the past and send 7 or so rockets to one planet the moment a window is open. Hell, when I started the mission I barely had any money left, if the Duna mission failed it probably would've been game over. I would've had enough fuel to go back in orbit but the rocket fell over when it landed. I can't build crazy big rockets anymore because I'm too afraid it will blow up and I would lose all my money. Saftey has become a bigger issue because of it. I mostly have an action button that decouples the pod and opens the parachutes. Also I tend to avoid the testing contracts because meeting up all parameters is really hard sometimes and I don't feel like wasting a couple of rockets to test one part.
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