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  1. This looks very interesting and seems to provide the right amount of challenge for me without having do delve into RSS. Perhaps you could post some screenshots of the new orbits in the OP? I'm definitely looking forward to your 64K MM config.
  2. I experienced the same issue with the airbrakes. I removed them from the 'brake' action group and assigned them to a custom action group to toggle. Upon loading loading the craft on the runway, these two alterations to the actions groups got reverted.
  3. I was very irritated when I experienced the same issue. I already wanted to write a bug report about this. I'm glad the reason for this bug was found so quickly.
  4. Thanks for creating this awesome cockpit. No grey walls anymore!
  5. I haven't returned from Jool or Eeloo yet. But I have successfully returned from Duna with a tiny probe. Important for interplanetry travel is the transfer window which offers the most fuel efficient trajectory. I use Kerbal Alarm Clock for telling me when a transfer window opens. Also an aerocapture maneuver around Jool saves a lot of fuel.
  6. 1. The rear landing gear should be positioned slightly behind the center of mass. I recommend TouhouTorpedo's OmniWheels pack. This has some nice landing gear. 2. Is your thrust off center? This happende to me when I had the engines under the wings. Clinching them on top of the wings fixed this problem. You might also try to counter with RCS or add more wings/controll surfaces. 3. Were you able to achieve orbit with the spaceplanes that came with the modpack? You might want to change your ascent path a bit. Stay longer in the high atmosphere and pick up speed horizontally in airbreathing mode. 4. Have a look at the spacecraft exchange. This is where I got a good design idea from.
  7. Fly west over the desert until you reach the meteor crater. Land on the island in the middle of the crater.
  8. I gotcha. Thanks, I guess I need to either try and land it by hand or work out a better strategy. This is the same strategy that I also worked out for my own space glider and for the Klipper. Haven't flown the Buran yet. Both designs require a lot of positive trim for gliding back to the runway. Otherwise you're gonna have a bad time landing them.
  9. Are you still climbing at 45° when you are at 11km altitude? Try a more shallow climb smaller than 30°. By doing so you should pick up more speed thus creating more lift. You might also consider extending your wingspan a bit to provide for more lift up high. Canards in the front that have more lift might also be a good idea. And don't forget to trim your elevator! The B9 Aerospace pack has some nice wings for heavy planes. This would make it only react more agile but could make the plane unflyable once the center of mass has shifted too far back due to fuel consumption. Center of lift behind center of mass is the most stable solution and can easily be adjusted with elevator trim.
  10. Servus, und herzlich willkommen.
  11. I was experiencing the same. Then I discovered that the RCS tanks were in the way of the port doors. From your screenshot above I see that you designed it the same way. Place your RCS tanks somewhere else and there wont be any more selfdisassembly.
  12. Thanks a lot for this awesome parts pack. I was building planes all night long when R3 was released. After some tinkering I built the beauty you can see below. I used TT's Multiwheels as landing gear. I even managed to get it to space reliably. The crew return vehicle for six Kerbals: The launcher:
  13. Username: Erain_Angren I have no particular favorite plane at the moment. I just like to fly around in Historical Battle with whatever plane suits my mood. Be it fighter or bomber. A few weeks ago I coincidentally was on the same team with TouhouTorpedo. Here are three youtubers that are worth checking out: The Mighty Jingles, Krebs and Bismarck.
  14. Excellent. Just downloaded it. The Anvil family is my reliable workhorse for hauling stuff into orbit. I really like this mod pack.