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  1. Thanks for the reply, and that's good to hear, now i'll just need a free HDD, a USB stick is probably a bit too slow Would be great to just start up KSP with all the mods in full res without caring about the RAM.
  2. Hi, I failed to get all my, imho, mandatory mods to a 32bit RAM usage, and didn't even manage to get to the main menu with the windows 64bit client. Now i read that the Linux 64bit version is actually very stable, but would all the mods work with 64 bit to begin with? I mean all the mods that change game mechanics, like FAR, Multiple Star Systems, Interstellar, EPL, KAS etc. If this would work i'd really install Linux on a extra HDD just for KSP. I just want to play the game again, but it is NOT possible with the retarded texture management of this game and the 32bit limitations
  3. I have a strange problem now, at first this mod worked, but i made a mistake with EVE and i had to reinstall the game. Now i can't get this mod to work, i have the absolute same other mods as before! When i now go into map view and scroll out, the screen will just start to shake more and more but there are no other planets. What do i do wrong now? i just can't get it to work again Edit: I don't have EVE now, but it is not needed, right? The Game also does not use more RAM with this mod active, what is quite strange, but the Plant factory window pops up with both systems in it. Edit:Fixed it n
  4. Don't know if it's a problem with this mod, but after time warping from kerbin to the moon in a new game, my ship was suddenly on a kerbol orbit. Also while making manoeuvres it shows the leaving Kerbin SOI thingy far before the mun, so i think the Kerbin SOI is for some reason WAY to small. Edit: The ingame map says the SOI is 2347km :/ Other SOIs also seem to be to small: Eve 2373 Duna 1336 Jool 68490
  5. If you're talking about me then those were for the old version. I haven't changed the textures for the newer one as my RAM usage skyrocketed with 0.22 and i had to put texture size to "half res" anyway. (RAM went down from 3,7GB++crash to ~2.2GB doing that) I had to clear the gamedata folder (put the mod stuff into another folder) to even start the game after the update. Then i switched to half res and put the mods back in. @123nick: If you really have 1/8 res, then i don't know why it does not work. I have 1/2 and this mod (with it's original textures), B9(with the "low" res ones) and some ot
  6. It is working, check your RAM usage while the game loads. If it hits ~3,7GB it will crash. With .22 my RAM usage went up a LOT, but changing textures to "half res" droped it to ~2GB from 3,6+ and crashing Same for you, check ram usage, that's probably your problem too. PS: You can check that with opening KSP in windowed mode and leaving the task manager besides it. Like that:
  7. Pressing ctrl+s should also do the trick, but i uploaded it on my webspace now http://coolmodi.tipido.net/HSHalttexture.rar That should work
  8. On the top left is a menu, ctrl+s should also work. And where are those "nexgen parts"?
  9. So, i "optimized" all textures myself. Seeing that Alskari probably didn't had the time I'll share them here for anybody who has the same problem that i had, beeing unable to play with this great mod I reduced the size to something more resonable for each texture (1024x1024 down to 1x1 for one color for example), and made everyone without transparency into a .tga. The mod takes only ~200mb for me now, compared to the ~1gb before! But more important, the game is stable now, even after adding 2 other mods http://coolmodi.tipido.net/HSHalttexture.rar If it's not ok to share that here, pls tell
  10. Tried just converting them to tga myself, that made it even worse. This mod just has many big (227 1024x1024px) textures. Simply reducing the size apparently does the trick for me. Especially those monocolor textures could aswell be 1x1 or something like that i think.
  11. Sounds good I hope this will get better, because i really like this mod, but crashes every 10min make it impossible to use for me. Maybe this http://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/765 is still a problem, i don't know, but this mod also uses .png textures. Edit: Seeing that there are 227 PNGs in the mod, and all are 1024x1024, that "bug" would explain those 1gb+ RAM usage. Edit2:Converted all the the PNGs to 128x128, bringing RAM usage from 3,6GB to 2,9GB. Maybe it's stable now like this.
  12. Without this mod KSP uses around 2GB, with it it's nearly at 4GB all the time, with very frequent crashes because of enough Memory Is it normal that this mod takes that much RAM?
  13. For the rockets to work you don't need any color, but for getting targets to lock on, you should use the blue on. Then you can access all targets with the tracking station linckup. But as i said, it's all explained in the thread of the mod
  14. They decouple themselfs when their stage is activated. And to make them homing, you have to use the laser system from the mod. You need a blue laser(or green for the lidar) and then just select a target in the target list. But everything about that is explained in the thread of the mod
  15. I know, but it actually works better, at least it did with a prior version that i didn't save And sorry for double post, but i don't know how to edit posts that aren't yet approved by a mod, i don't understand why every post must first be approved by a mod in the first place :/
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