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  1. 283796 kg is the mass of the payload in orbit. Sorry if the wording confused you.
  2. Using 10-meter parts from Behemoth Aerospace along with SpaceY engines, I launched a partially-fueled mining ship and probe complement (which will visit Neidon from the Outer Planets Mod). The total payload launch mass is 283796 kg.
  3. A redditor known as 16807 is who inspired me to keep going. They have done missions to Jool (after 36 years), Sarnus (52 years), Urlum (86 years), Neidon (~100 years) and Plock (127 years), and even an interstellar fly-by (150 years) and self-replicating probe mission (250 years) with fusion-powered spacecraft. But this playthrough won't go interstellar, I will save that for KSP 2 which will hopefully be more optimized for building huge interstellar spaceships with lots of parts.
  4. Y59, D270 - The K-3 launch vehicle (10-meter diameter) carries the WiM-17 mining vessel and Amethyst probe complement, which will explore the Neidon system (Outer Planets mod) Y59, D277 - After refueling at a depot, the craft uses nuclear lightbulbs (1500 s Isp) to perform the transfer burn Neidon will be reached in 5 years
  5. Mission 208: WiM-17 + Amethyst (part 1) A mining ship and probes for Neidon and its moons. The miner uses three nuclear lightbulb engines, which serve two purposes. The first is to get to Neidon with lots of Delta-v (~18000 m/s) in about 5 years. The second is to be able to lift off from the largest moon, Thatmo, carrying a full load of propellant. The other, smaller moon (Nissee) takes hundreds of days to transfer to and from. Three pairs of large radiators dissipate the heat generated by the nuclear lightbulbs. The dry mass of just the miner itself exceeded the capacity of the K-2 launch vehicle by about 40 tonnes, so a new 10-meter launcher was developed: the K-3, which has a maximum capacity of about 300 tonnes with (almost) full reusability. The large diameter tanks and parachutes come from Behemoth Aerospace. 283796 kg (launch mass), 542806 kg (full mass = 532185 kg miner + 10621 kg probes); K-3 launch vehicle Y60, D270 (launch) Y60, D277 (WiM-17/Amethyst Kerbin -> Neidon) Y65, D271 (estimated WiM-17/Amethyst Neidon insertion) Launch: Docking with propellant depot and trans-Neidon injection
  6. Yes it does. The launch window calculator estimated that the Kerbin to Urlum burn would take ~2600 m/s for a trip of just over 4 years, but when planning the maneuver node, it would take ~3500 m/s for a trip of almost 5 years. In reality, the departure burn ended up being almost 4500 m/s for a trip of 4.5 years. And that's why the 1500-sec Isp nuclear lightbulb comes in handy.
  7. Y59, D388 - The Negi Maru takes 16 Kerbals to explore the Urlum system (Outer Planets Mod) The ship will arrive in ~4.5 years
  8. Mission 206: Negi Star Mk2 flight 04 Camlorf, Anelle, Tiella, Agaselle, Julphia, Negy, Lisliana, Maxtina, Anline, Kaice, Erilin, Kabel, Kerming, Hersy, Lincy, and Gusgar arrive at the Negi Maru. Y59, D380 (launch) Mission 207: Project DIVA X 2nd / Negi Maru flight 05 (part 1) Designing Interplanetary Vehicle Architecture with eXtreme-efficiency propulsion, 2nd mission. A 16-Kerbal mission to explore the Urlum system. Y59, D387-388 (Negi Maru Kerbin -> Urlum) Y64, D213 (estimated Urlum arrival)
  9. Y59, D361 - The final crew arrives at Iwaki Base on Ike
  10. I answered your question that I wouldn't install any other packs. Of course I'm doing crewed missions to the Outer Planets. Mission 204: Tachi Maru flight 06 (part 1, part 2) The last crew to arrive on Iwaki Base on Ike (and the Duna system as a whole). Y59, D361 (Tachi Maru Ike insertion) Y59, D362 (landing) LKO population: 24 Mun population: 12 Minmus population: 12 Ike population: 6 -> 12 Duna population: 24 Dres population: 12 Total population: 96 Insertion burn
  11. Mission 205: Urlum Rabbit 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 Four crewed landers for each of Urlum's moons. There are two identical small landers for Priax and Tal, a medium-sized lander for Polta (identical to the Moho Rabbits), and a large lander for Wal. (12007*2 + 21414 + 34370 = 79798 kg, K-2 launch vehicle) Y59, D339 (launch)
  12. Y59, D090 - The crews of the first Moho expedition return to the Negi Maru mothership Y59, D097 - Leaving Moho Y59, D203 - Rendezvous with the Negi Star Mk2 shuttle, which was left in Kerbin orbit during the expedition. Final propulsive deceleration before landing