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  1. Mission 108-110: Wanderer-4, 5, and 6 (Part 1) Description & objective: High-velocity nuclear rocket probes to fly past the new gas giants: Wanderer-4 to Neidon, 5 to Urlum, and 6 to Sarnus. Mass (each): 10515 kg Launch vehicle: Kappa-1a Launch dates: Year 30, Day 199 (Wanderer-4) [ETA for SOI: Year 34, Day 176] Year 30, Day 282 (Wanderer-5) [ETA for SOI: Year 33, Day 23] Year 31, Day 123 (Wanderer-6) [ETA for SOI: Year 32, Day 188] Expected Sarnus SOI arrival date: Year 32, Day 188 Expected Urlum SOI arrival date: Year 33, Day 23 Expected Neidon SOI arrival date: Year 34, Day 176 Click below to see more: https://imgur.com/a/sO0Xs should I even bother making albums? nobody seems to click on them anyway.
  2. The reason I'm asking this is because there was a person who had their save file edited to have 5000 kerbals (mentioned in 9:51), and it took a long time to load the astronaut complex menu.
  3. That's a great-looking ship, but this question is about the most actual (not hypothetical) Kerbals you've ever had in a save file. Basically: the total, actual population of your Kerbol system (or a planet replacement mod like Galileo's Planet Pack). These kerbals could mostly be in one giant space station, or they could be spread throughout the system. It's also about how long does it take to load the astronaut complex menu, or load the save file itself (and again, please give your PC processor and graphics card [if it has one] specs) when you actually have, for example, 1000 kerbals.
  4. Could be any game mode (sandbox, science, career), although sandbox is better for this as you don't have to worry about spending an increasing amount of funds to hire each kerbal. I'm asking this because I want to know how it impacts your performance (can you please give your CPU and graphics specs, too?), such as the time it takes to load your save, load menus, go to a selected vessel through the tracking station, etc.
  5. What did you do in KSP today?

    Sent a probe that will arrive at Plock (OPM) in 4 years instead of 40
  6. Mission 107: Wanderer-3 (Part 1) Description & objective: The first of four flyby probes to the outer planets, featuring KASDA's first use of a nuclear thermal rocket engine. With over 6000 m/s of delta-v, the spacecraft will rendezvous with Plock in just over 4 years, instead of taking 40 years with a minimum-delta-v trajectory. Mass: 10515 kg Launch vehicle: Kappa-1a Launch date: Year 30, Day 110 Expected Plock SOI arrival date: Year 34, Day 395 Click below to see more: https://imgur.com/a/StxQ2 should I even bother making albums? nobody seems to click on them anyway.
  7. (by the way, the statement you had quoted was wrongly attributed to me for some reason)
  8. If you came to hate crewed spaceflight so much, just call yourself RoboticProbe7.
  9. Mission 104: WiM-3a Description & objective: Expansion node to the WiM-3 fuel depot. Mass: 3560 kg dry (19560 kg full) Mission 105: Moon Rabbit 4 Description & objective: 2nd crew lander for Hope Base 1 on Minmus. Mission 106: Negi Star 07 Description & objective: 2nd Minmus crew to WiM-3, in order to transfer to MR-4. Crew (6): Linsa, Herdred, Lelenna, Genedrin, Daphta, and Ludvis Kerman Launch vehicle: Kappa-1a Launch dates: Year 29, Day 406 (WiM-3a) Year 29, Day 407 (MR-4) Year 29, Day 409 (NS-07)
  10. Here are two other maps (they take place in a different universe, unrelated to the previous map) by Sera-Fim for Mercury with several space habitats and an antimatter production facility in the L1 Lagrange point (ULA in this case is the "United Lunar Agency") and Venus with even more space habitats as well as clusters of floating cities in the atmosphere
  11. Sera-Fim (or Serafim) is an alternate history map maker from Russia. This kind of map depicting various space colonies can be an inspiration if your headcanon is that Kerbin is and will be divided into various competing nation-states (or at least, competing space agencies). (yes, I know roleplaying is not allowed on this forum; let's also not get into a flame war over current and/or hypothetical political ideologies)
  12. What did you do in KSP today?

    Expanded my Minmus base (haven't sent the additional crew yet; note that each habitation module [there are 4, along with 1 lab] will have 3 kerbals each [the maximum is 8 for each hab]) The stock-alike 3.75 m crew containers are from the Taurus HCV mod.
  13. Missions 101+102+103: Hope Base 1c, 1d, and 1e Description & objective: Expansions to the Minmus base: 1c and 1d are habitation modules with small solar arrays; 1e is a science lab with large solar arrays. 1c also utilized the Kerbal Inventory System to carry small radiators that would improve the thermal efficiency of the WiM-2 mining vehicle. It was determined that 3 kerbals per Omnibus crew container (max 8 kerbals) was sufficient for long-term habitation [i.e. looking like a proper base], so 6 more Kerbals will be launched to Minmus for a total population of 12. Mass: Hope Base 1c: 8813 kg (18991 kg with tug) Hope Base 1d: 8573 kg (18751 kg with tug) Hope Base 1e: 9270 kg (19786 kg with tug) Launch vehicle: Kappa-1a Launch dates: Year 29, Day 380 (Hope Base 1c) Year 29, Day 387 (Hope Base 1d) Year 29, Day 396 (Hope Base 1e)
  14. A propellant depot in low Kerbin orbit, served by ore miners on Minmus + reusable tankers that travel back and forth.
  15. Missions 98+99+100: Song Princess 4, 5, and 6 Description & objective: Identical to the first three Song Princess satellites, these synchronous orbit satellites are meant to provide constant communication with any kerbals on Minmus. Mass (each): 6255 kg dry, 18755 kg wet Launch vehicle: Kappa-1a Launch dates: Year 29, Day 345 (Song Princess 4) Year 29, Day 357 (Song Princess 5) Year 29, Day 367 (Song Princess 6) Click below to see more: https://imgur.com/a/GMUuF [I could've done something more interesting for mission 100, but that would mean wasting time until a planetary transfer window opened up. Also, this is like a new start for this series.]