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  1. Remember: Sarnus had only existed in this universe after the manned landing on Duna (possibly due to intervention by interdimensional beings).
  2. Those will come after the Jool probes.
  3. Pipcard

    What did you do in KSP today?

    The Emerald-3 probe landed near Vall's north pole.
  4. Mission 140: Emerald-3 (Part 1, Part 2) Description & objective: A Vall probe consisting of an orbital resource scanner and a lander. The lander touched down in the north polar region. Y36, D91 (Jool SOI arrival) Y36, D146 (Jool orbit insertion) Y36, D147 (Vall orbit insertion and landing)
  5. Pipcard

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Landed the first Kerbals on Dres (on two separate landers) as part of the Project DIVA F (Designing Interplanetary Vehicle Architecture - Fission propulsion) mission. A Dresteroid was also mined to refuel the Negi Maru mothership.
  6. Mission 139: Project DIVA F (Part 1, Part 2) Description & objective: Designing Interplanetary Vehicle Architecture with Fission propulsion. The Negi Maru's maiden voyage to Dres and back, carrying eight astronauts, two landers, and one asteroid miner. The first lander landed on the western side of Dres's deep canyon, while the second lander landed in between two craters. The WiM-7 asteroid miner proceeded to mine BFQ-271 and refuel the mothership. Y35, D378 (Dres SOI arrival) Y35, D378 (Dres orbit insertion) Y35, D379 (Dres Rabbit 1 + 2 landing) Y35, D401 (WiM-7 arrives at BFQ-271) Y36, D06 (Negi Maru refueling)
  7. There are Gigantor solar panels just below the decoupler of the skycrane. They're already on the Hope Bases.
  8. Pipcard

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Launched a cargo freighter for Kerbin-Duna system transport, an Ike miner/tanker, and the first Ike base modules
  9. Mission 143: Nozomi Maru Description & objective: Uncrewed carrier for interplanetary base modules to the Duna system Mass: 39030 kg (73880 kg full) Mission 144: WiM-8 Description & objective: Ike miner/tanker to refuel interplanetary ships Mass: 35568 kg (93040 kg full) Mission 145-146: Iwaki Base modules 01 & 02 (MIKU-11 and 12) Description & objective: The first Ike base. Note that the base module system that uses the Omnibus crew container has been renamed to the Modular Interplanetary Kolonization Unit system (not to be confused with the Mapping/Identification Kethane Units). The Minmus and Mun modules of Hope Base are also called this even though they are not interplanetary. Mass: 17040 kg (each) Mission 147: Nozomi Maru flight 01 (Part 1) Description & objective: Deliver the first modules of Iwaki Base to Ike. Mass: 140787 kg (before departure) Launch vehicle (all): Kappa-1b Y35, D239 (Nozomi Maru launch) Y35, D248 (Nozomi Maru refueled by WiM-6) Y35, D260 (WiM-8 launch) Y35, D280 (Iwaki Base module 02 launch) Y35, D300 (Iwaki Base module 02 launch) Y35, D314 (departure) Y35, D415 (course correction) Y36, D159 (expected Duna orbit insertion) Y36, D161 (expected Ike orbit insertion)
  10. Mission 142: Hikari (Part 1) Description & objective: Dres resource scanning orbiter (to find potential locations for a base). To save time, KASDA did not wait until after the Project DIVA F mission had concluded to launch this mission. Mass: 11025 kg Launch vehicle: Kappa-1a Y35, D229 (Launch) Y35, D368 (expected course correction) Y37, D108 (expected Dres orbit insertion)
  11. After the Dres mission is finished I'm going to do a Jool 5 mission.
  12. Thanks, but why are you the only person who's giving me feedback?
  13. Mission 141: Emerald-4 (Part 1) Description & objective: A Laythe probe consisting of an orbital resource scanner (similar form factor to Wanderers 3 through 6) and a lander equipped with a heat shield. Mass: 14937 kg (lander+orbiter), 2523 kg (lander) Launch vehicle: Kappa-1a Y35, D188 (Launch) Y35, D286 (expected course correction) Y37, D208 (expected Jool orbit insertion) Y37, D211 (expected Laythe orbit insertion)
  14. Pipcard

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Emerald-2a and 2b landed on Bop and Pol, respectively
  15. Mission 123: Emerald-2 (Part 1, Part 2) Description & objective: Two probes (Emerald-2a and 2b) to orbit and land on Bop and Pol (respectively). Y35, D20 (Emerald-2a arrival at Jool SOI) Y35, D26 (Emerald-2b arrival at Jool SOI) Y35, D72 (Emerald-2a Jool orbit insertion) Y35, D79 (Emerald-2b Jool orbit insertion) Y35, D102 (Emerald-2a Bop orbit insertion) Y35, D116 (Emerald-2b Pol orbit insertion) Y35, D128 (Emerald-2a Bop landing) Y35, D158 (Emerald-2b Pol landing) Click below to see more: https://imgur.com/a/A7qRBOH