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  1. Here are two other maps (they take place in a different universe, unrelated to the previous map) by Sera-Fim for Mercury with several space habitats and an antimatter production facility in the L1 Lagrange point (ULA in this case is the "United Lunar Agency") and Venus with even more space habitats as well as clusters of floating cities
  2. Sera-Fim (or Serafim) is an alternate history map maker from Russia. This kind of map depicting various space colonies can be an inspiration if your headcanon is that Kerbin is and will be divided into various competing nation-states (or at least, competing space agencies). (yes, I know roleplaying is not allowed on this forum; let's also not get into a flame war over current and/or hypothetical political ideologies)
  3. What did you do in KSP today?

    Expanded my Minmus base (haven't sent the additional crew yet; note that each habitation module [there are 4, along with 1 lab] will have 3 kerbals each [the maximum is 8 for each hab]) The stock-alike 3.75 m crew containers are from the Taurus HCV mod.
  4. Missions 101+102+103: Hope Base 1c, 1d, and 1e Description & objective: Expansions to the Minmus base: 1c and 1d are habitation modules with small solar arrays; 1e is a science lab with large solar arrays. 1c also utilized the Kerbal Inventory System to carry small radiators that would improve the thermal efficiency of the WiM-2 mining vehicle. It was determined that 3 kerbals per Omnibus crew container (max 8 kerbals) was sufficient for long-term habitation [i.e. looking like a proper base], so 6 more Kerbals will be launched to Minmus for a total population of 12. Mass: Hope Base 1c: 8813 kg (18991 kg with tug) Hope Base 1d: 8573 kg (18751 kg with tug) Hope Base 1e: 9270 kg (19786 kg with tug) Launch vehicle: Kappa-1a Launch dates: Year 29, Day 380 (Hope Base 1c) Year 29, Day 387 (Hope Base 1d) Year 29, Day 396 (Hope Base 1e)
  5. A propellant depot in low Kerbin orbit, served by ore miners on Minmus + reusable tankers that travel back and forth.
  6. Missions 98+99+100: Song Princess 4, 5, and 6 Description & objective: Identical to the first three Song Princess satellites, these synchronous orbit satellites are meant to provide constant communication with any kerbals on Minmus. Mass (each): 6255 kg dry, 18755 kg wet Launch vehicle: Kappa-1a Launch dates: Year 29, Day 345 (Song Princess 4) Year 29, Day 357 (Song Princess 5) Year 29, Day 367 (Song Princess 6) Click below to see more: https://imgur.com/a/GMUuF [I could've done something more interesting for mission 100, but that would mean wasting time until a planetary transfer window opened up. Also, this is like a new start for this series.]
  7. I swear, a few days ago there used to be a icon (eye symbol) to mark things as spoilers (mostly used here to hide long sets of images), but now it's not there anymore. Existing spoiler tags still seem to work, but I can't make new ones. edit:
  8. Missions 95+96+97: Song Princess 1, 2, and 3 Description & objective: Next-generation communications satellites (using a large-scale satellite bus) to replace the old network of Songbird satellites in kerbisynchronous orbit. Mass (each): 6255 kg dry, 18755 kg wet Launch vehicle: Kappa-1a Launch dates: Year 29, Day 342 (Song Princess 1) Year 29, Day 343 (Song Princess 2) Year 29, Day 344 (Song Princess 3) (Kappa-1a, with SpaceY legs) Click below to see more: https://imgur.com/a/mv6xJ
  9. New Worlds, New Challenges As four kerbals were returning home from the first crewed mission to Duna, a massive change in the universe had taken place. Everything looked more vivid and detailed. 28 years on Kerbin had passed since the launch of KASDA's first satellite, and it now orbited a Kerbin that was even more beautiful than before. What excited KASDA even more was that there seemed to be four new distant dots in the sky. Four new planets beyond Jool. They would come to be named by astronomers as Sarnus, Urlum, Neidon, and Plock. But Eeloo was seemingly gone. But they received a signal. It was from their Snow Fairy probe that had been sent to Eeloo. Eeloo was now a moon of Sarnus, so they already had a probe "for free" in the Sarnus system. The data that Snow Fairy 1 could collect about this new planet was limited, as Snow Fairy 1's instruments were only meant to analyze Eeloo. But Sarnus seemed to have a massive ring around it, never before seen in the Kerbin system. "If only these planets had existed from the beginning," many kerbals thought. They also felt that the Kerbol system was more "complete" now. The advent of these new worlds would also bring a change to KASDA's operations. Over 29 years, KASDA only focused on one mission at a time, to fully ensure the safety and success of the mission.* It took several years to get Snow Fairy** 1 to the original Eeloo. These new planets would take even longer to get to (however, they could possibly get there somewhat faster by expending more delta-v). This would mean that they would have to operate other missions as spacecraft traveled to these new outer planets. And keep better track of time as well. **Snow Fairy was the name reserved for the probe to the farthest planet from Kerbol. Now it would have to be used for the new farthest planet.
  10. HSP: Business as usual.

    I really like your Starbuses.
  11. Okay, I just reuploaded the images for mission 43-57. Again, I was too lazy to backup missions 35-42 before imageshack deleted them, so I apologize for that. Also, the links in the table of contents of the first post should be working again. edit: I guess maybe not, as some just take you to the bottom of the page for some reason.
  12. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    LOX and liquid methane, not LH2. Also, methalox does not need helium for pressurization.
  13. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    That's why "gravity" was in quotes. Here are some of the slides (no official .pdf yet)
  14. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    23:30 - BFR spaceships will dock end-to-end and use milli-g thrusts to settle the methalox propellant during transfer.
  15. Right now, I'm considering using the Outer Planets Mod. More exploration, less base micro-managing.