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  1. Jeb KerBoom


    Has anyone here ever accidentally hit something in orbit? If so, did it destroy your craft?
  2. Jeb KerBoom

    Your Biggest Fail in KSP!

    I was returning a HUGE 500-part mothership from a Grand Tour of Jool. "This is going to be a close call!" "Very close!" BOOOOOOOOOOM! My 500-part mothership smashes at interplanetary velocity into my 500-part, 13-kerballed space station, destroying it. The Rings of Kerbin have been discovered! About 760 parts (240 were lost in the explosion) now float around Kerbin. I don't delete debris .
  3. Jeb KerBoom

    Waiting for 0.21...

    0.22? Clouds? Where did you get that?
  4. Do you have Hogdriver's permission to redistribute his mod?
  5. Jeb KerBoom

    [0.23.5]General Propulsionâ„¢ SOLD

    I don't see credit... He needs permission, credit or no credit.
  6. Jeb KerBoom

    [0.23.5]General Propulsionâ„¢ SOLD

    That Blutonium-238 tank... Do you have permission to use that model from KW Rocketry?
  7. Jeb KerBoom


    Who's using Sketchfab in their thread? Post here if you are.
  8. Jeb KerBoom

    Did we find all of the easter eggs yet?

    No, it's the Troll Face, and it's on the Mun.
  9. Jeb KerBoom

    Did we find all of the easter eggs yet?

    Who's seen the "Face in the Moon"? It's that creepy line drawing of a guy with a chin tilted off to the right and a big grin.
  10. Jeb KerBoom

    I just remembered old times...

    Me too Not to mention every other version
  11. Jeb KerBoom

    Felsmak's drawings

    He joined in May 2012.
  12. Jeb KerBoom

    Felsmak's drawings

    This isn't your art!!! I've seen this before, by ANOTHER USER.
  13. Jeb KerBoom

    German Aeronautic and Spaceflight Engineers Kerbin

    Hmmm... Je größer der Boom, der glücklicher Jeb weil die Quadratwurzel von Boom Boom Quadrat ist.
  14. 土地銷æµÂå‹•ç«™! Translation: Land the rover on pins!