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  1. SargeRho

    Terraforming Mercury.

    You might be able to build such a thing at the Mercury-Sun L1 point, and it could double as magnetic shadow-shield, protecting Mercury from radiation. The station would also need some sort of stationkeeping, it can use the solar wind for that. The same has been proposed by NASA for Mars. You then still have the problem of 1/3 gravity, as with Mars, an atmosphere might not be doable at all, but you can build domes, I suppose. Bring anti-asteroid laser cannons.
  2. SargeRho

    What's your favorite rocket engine?

    The XRS-2200, that is the linear aerospike engine developed for the X-33 and Venture Star. It's not the prettiest, or the most efficient rocket engine ever built, but it strokes my sci-fi obsession in all the right places.
  3. SargeRho

    Recovering upper stages - in orbit?

    But I did not claim that they are free. I said they are *in orbit* essentially for free. Did anyone pay extra money to get that stage there? No, they did not. It's waste. Scrap. Something that would re-enter the atmosphere in a few years and put on a nice fireworks display in the night sky. With adequate recycling tech, you can grab them, and repurpose them. I didn't even go that far. My claim starts and ends at SECO. The DEXTRE arm extension for example, or a descendent thereof, can refuel satellites that were never built to be refueled. Are you telling me it's physically impossible to cut bolts and cables in space?
  4. SargeRho

    Recovering upper stages - in orbit?

    And that changes nothing about the fact that the stage is already in orbit. You didn't pay extra to get that stage there, it's basically junk. Someone can now come along, and recycle that stage. Or a new launcher could have a stage already developed with in-orbit reusability in mind. Either way, you ranted about something I didn't even begin to get into.
  5. SargeRho

    Recovering upper stages - in orbit?

    Now you have a transfer stage, potential fuel depot, or potential habitat in orbit essentially for free.
  6. There were no two "first humans". It's not possible for us to have descended from only two people, the smallest our gene pool has ever been is at least 25000-35000 people. Genetic Adam (the last Man every human is directly descended from), and Genetic Eve (the last Woman every human is directly descended from) lived thousands of years apart from each other.
  7. SargeRho

    EVA, IVA, IEVA suit gamma rad resistance

    Well, no. You could make a reasonably radiation-proof suit. But it'd be less of a suit and more of a giant mech
  8. SargeRho

    EVA, IVA, IEVA suit gamma rad resistance

    Typically, you don't shield against gamma rays and x-rays. Shielding produces secondary radiation, it's safer to just let it all go through. An interplanetary spaceship might use water, and lots of equipment and cargo stashed in the walls, as radiation shielding, along with a magnetic field against particle radiation.
  9. SargeRho

    X-37B landed today

    The X-37B uses Hydrazine as fuel, which is very toxic.
  10. Yeah, I know what you mean. I do play online quite a lot, and come across them quite frequently. Unfortunately, I can't ban someone for being too competitive xD
  11. That's what the "I only play Singleplayer" option is for, having multiple options for the same answer would be redundant.
  12. I think you are taking the "real time" part a bit too literally. It refers to the fact that any action you take, takes effect immediately, instead of being turn-based, it doesn't mean that it's like flying to Duna without time warp. If you are referring to the game I'm making, Space Travel isn't a game mechanic, and in the story it takes them a few weeks to travel from one planet to the other at constant 1.2 g thrust.
  13. Depends on the game, I suppose. I do enjoy slower RTS games more, games like Homeworld 2, and RT4X games like Sins of a Solar Empire. That's why the game I'm working on is a bit more slow paced, too
  14. Hello, I'm currently running a survey regarding players preferences in terms of Multiplayer vs Singleplayer mode in RTS Games. I'm an indie-developer myself, and I seem to have grossly misjudged the prevailing attitudes within the RTS player base. I hope it's alright if I post this here, and I'm thankful for all responses! If not, well, may the mods smite me where I stand Link to the survey:
  15. SargeRho

    An-225 as a launch vehicle

    I was about to say, wasn't the MAKS supposed to launch from an An-225?