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  1. Or depending on how your time-ticks align with the position of the singularity, you might be catapulted into space at many times the speed of light!
  2. Wow, Pds314 might even reach The Singularity at the center! Infinite gravity!
  3. Soupmosphere is back in 1.0.2. I sorta liked the accurate atmosphere. You could reach the ground in less than 15 minutes. Now... set the glide path, and wait while the vehicle takes its time at 40 m/s.
  4. New wings suck! Nothing you do will make them fit together with any other wing part seamlessly! Bah! Hell, the Big-S delta doesn't even fit together with the Big-S strake! Which is pretty pathetic if you ask me.
  5. VAB xylophone song made me turn the music off. All the other songs are good.... but the xylophone... the xylophone...
  6. I've found that the 0.25 control surfaces sometimes deflect in the wrong direction. Including jet gimbals. Sometimes to the point of canceling out, and not allowing you to turn very much. So put the craft on the runway, and play with the controls and make sure they're deflecting in the right direction.
  7. Currently trying FAR, but it seems quite unrealistic. For example, how often do you hear real-world stories of jets whose wings just ripped off because they turned too fast.
  8. I thought the whole thing seemed sketchy. Especially in the FAQ... "who will provide the space flight?" Answer: "gee we don't know yet!"
  9. The KSP prize was actually a raffle ticket to a draw to win a space trip. The actual contest was designed to sell 25,000 tickets, and then have the draw once those are all sold. Looks like they only sold ~1000 tickets thus far. Since the contest has been running for about two years now... I have a feeling sales have stagnated, and nobody will ever win the contest. BTW here's a link:
  10. I think the runway and launch pad will basically be made of "chunks" that have an impact resistance. The runway will be several large bricks in effect. Then launch/landing failures will result in expensive rebuilding fees.
  11. There's also a Hype Outhouse, when "nature calls" in the Hype Waiting Room...