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  1. there are no limits on what plugins can do currently ( and i mean this quite literally, you can have addons that destroy your PC if you want ), which is part of the problem why squad is reluctant to give an official green light on the whole ordeal, or that\'s atleast what i think
  2. no what you do need though is a fair knowledge about c# and programming in general, this is no entry level task and not something that i\'d recommend a beginner to start with
  3. it doesn\'t, it\'s for people who want to compile the plugin themselves, if it doesn\'t work then you can assume that there is something wrong
  4. not all code paths return a value refers to the method requiring a bool return ( meaning either true or false ). the game later checks this value to determine if the fuel request was successful and if not shuts down the engine that requested it for example. you have to make sure that all possible execution paths ( the paths that the code can take inside the method ) end with returning either true or false *cough* http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/index.php?topic=7847.0
  5. If you have a question regarding the programming part, or anything really, i\'m sure there is someone out there that can help you. You don\'t have to make a new thread for a simple question, just post it here
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