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  1. I got one question.

    How does making the source code public prevent malware .dlls? I could likewise just exclude the bad parts of the code. I suggest changing the guidelines to include your whole plugin project, just to be one the safe side.

    it doesn\'t, it\'s for people who want to compile the plugin themselves, if it doesn\'t work then you can assume that there is something wrong

  2. Great thread, I will use this frequently if you guys don\'t mind

    using public override bool RequestFuel, however an error is returned:

    'not all code paths return a value'

    No idea what it means. :D

    not all code paths return a value refers to the method requiring a bool return ( meaning either true or false ). the game later checks this value to determine if the fuel request was successful and if not shuts down the engine that requested it for example. you have to make sure that all possible execution paths ( the paths that the code can take inside the method ) end with returning either true or false

    before then no one will even really bother writing anything...

    *cough* http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/index.php?topic=7847.0