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  1. Hello, after that one russian ejection seat mod went away, i have been testing out different ideas. This is what i came up with. It is called the ES-1 (Ejection Seat 1) creative, i know . To fly it, you eva out of the real cockpit. Then, you find the eject seat with your mouse, and click it. You click to get in it then you click again "control from here. To take off, you full- throttle and SLOWLY SLOWY pull up (or else engine hits ground) It actually flies really well. For mods, you only need the Firespitter Pack (a super awesome mod-pack). Here is the album. http://imgur.com/a/FWKHh#0 Hope yo
  2. InfiniteDice will you be releasing a pack solely for the weapons you are making?
  3. I would love a floating aircraft carrier more than a flaming rocket powered cat that spits out skittles that skateboard upside down while shooting rockets at flying puppies with kittens riding on their backs that poop chocolate katanas. Ok?
  4. Maybe a giant laser guided rocket? You could launch it from a plane or a boat?
  5. Nice plane, but.... NEEDS MAOR MISSILES!!!
  6. Try this mod. I have been using it for a while and it's pretty cool. It is the Deep Space Mission Pack. Heres the link! http://kerbal.net/mod.php?id=4
  7. Can you post the crewtank on Mediafire too? My parents restrict dropbox on my computer for some reason.
  8. Hello, I have heard about being able to edit the persistence file so a ship in orbit around Kerbin could be moved to another planet. How can I do this? I want to make my ship in orbit around the sun to be in an orbit around Duna. What do I need to edit in the persistence?
  9. Amazing design. I used the design to make a quad-engined intercontinental bomber.
  10. Yes, people won't download it unless there are pics. No pics no clicks.
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