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  1. Tack all the time you need. There is no reason to rush an update. We have waited several months and I think we can wait a few weeks longer.
  2. Is there any to get free science in career mode?
  3. Did you update the space port link? Non of the NFP parts are showing in-game where they should. In game it says it is version 1.0.
  4. I have just got Connected Living Space and applied it to some of my old saves. The game did not seem to recognise that the pods where connected Is there any way to update my old saves so that they will work Connected Living Space?
  5. My suggestion would be to make a 1.875m docking port. Some what like the ones on the ISS.
  6. The game seems to lock up wail it is loading. Once it reaches TextureReplacer/Plugins/TextureReplacer it just stops.
  7. What are the mods that you would say you HAVE to have to make this huge tech tree worth playing completely throw?
  8. How do I upload a Crash Report? My game keeps crashing and I think it has to do with KW or Mod Manager.
  9. HarvesteR: As for what's coming in the near future for Career Mode, We've got a couple of major features that we are already planning, which will be closely integrated with the existing gameplay, and I daresay if it all goes as planned, should make for a pretty awesome overall experience. More specifically, we've got Contracts coming soon, which will let you take on proper objectives, to earn funds and reputation (or lose them) should you succeed (or fail). Then there's the Funds and Reputation mechanic itself, which will require you to spend funds to launch ships or hire crews, and manage your space program's reputation to get better contract offers and generally keep Kerbalkind pleased with your progress towards conquering space. This is just a very brief explanation of those features. We'll get into more detail on them as we get there.