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  1. So it's sort of strange to be coming back here, but I feel like I might as well pop in to just sort of give a thanks to Squad for helping set me down the path that I'm currently on. I've always had a sort of passing interest in space like any young boy, but when I got KSP (Just after the Mun was added) it really actually drew my interest to aerospace. I played the game pretty solidly for a year then began to lose interest in the game, but didn't lose my interest in Aerospace. I'm now, in 21 days, going to university to study an MEng in Aerospace Engineering. So thank you, KSP, for helping set me down this path. To those of you who were where I was all those years ago - you can make your way into aerospace. Study hard, learn your maths and your physics, take your academics seriously and you'll manage it.
  2. You've missed a hugely fundamental part of relativity, called the relativity of simultaneity. Things that are simultaneous in one reference frame are not simultaneous in another reference frame. The hole observer sees the stick enter the hole, decelerate, then the lid close, being wedged open by the stick. The stick sees itself enter the hole, then the lid immediately shutting on it.
  3. Here's what's going to happen - I will post below the lyrics to "Stop The Rocket Launch", to be sung to the tune of "Stop The Cavalry". If you have a microphone, I want you to take to and record yourself singing the song (NO BACKGROUND MUSIC PLEASE!) I will then compile all the recordings together, put them in sync etc, and lay them over a backing track - The result will be the KSP forum's cover of Stop The Cavalry! Have fun! NOTE - BEGIN RECORDING AND TRY TO START YOUR BACKING TRACK IF YOU NEED IT AS QUICKLY AS YOU CAN. LEAVE TIME FOR THE INTRO IN YOUR RECORDING, TOO. Hey Mr Jebediah, comes over here, to say the launch will go splendidly, but there's a problem, Bill looks pretty glum, pacing to and fro, fearfully, Oh he says he's scared, to go in the air, Can you stop the rocket launch? [iNSTRUMENTAL] I have had to die, almost every flight, down throughout this space program, when I have been cloned, I will say again, Can you stop the rocket launch? Werhner von Kerman waits at home, In the KSC bunker zone, Wish I could be floating now, Above the Kerbin that I love, Dub a dub a dum dum, Dub a dub a dum dubba, dum dum dubba dum, dubba dubba dum, Dub a dub a dum dum, Dub a dub a dum dubba, dum dum dubba dum, dubba dubba dum, Wish I could be there for Khristmas. [iNSTRUMENTAL] Bang goes another one, on another moon, whilst the flight directors have tea, If I get home, live to tell the tale, I'll run for head of KSC, if I get elected I - I willl stop the rocket launch! [iNSTRUMENTAL] Dub a dub a dum dum, Dub a dub a dum dubba, dum dum dubba dum, dubba dubba dum, Dub a dub a dum dum, Dub a dub a dum dubba, dum dum dubba dum, dubba dubba dum, Wish I could be there for Khristmas. Wish I could be floating now, Above the Kerbin that I love, Bill can happily stay at home, I've been waiting far too long, Wish I could be there for Khristmas.
  4. If someone would care to reach the above speed ingame and observe the the effects that'd be great
  5. (Note: This is written by a 15 year old with a partial and ongoing education in GCSE physics. This is all assumption work, take it with a pinch of salt please ) (Note 2: I'm excluding the effect of the atmosphere on light leaving Kerbin.) (Note on note 2: The effect of the atmosphere doesn't matter as long as you're outside of it. I think.) Assuming we're trying to blue-shift green to be visibly blue... Green has a frequency of ~550Thz, Blue has a frequency of 630Thz. We need to shift 80Thz up. We can use the equation for frequency - Frequency = Velocity/Wavelength. The wavelengths for green and blue visible light are 510nm and 475nm. If we plug this into the equation, we get the following :- (Note - I don't think it matters what my outcome velocities are. They won't be the speed out light exactly, because I'm mixing and matching my frequencies and wavelengths. The difference between the two numbers should be all that matters, however.) GREEN V = (5.5×10^14)tHz x 510nm V = 280,500,000,000,000,000 nm/s BLUE V = (6.3×10^14)tHz x 475nm V = 299,250,000,000,000,000 nm/s If we then subtract 'green-speed' from 'blue-speed', we get a difference of 18,750,000,000,000,000 nm/s. Thus, one must travel at 18,750,000,000,000,000 nm/s, or 18750000m/s towards the source of the 'green' radiation in order for it to appear blue to the observer. Or, 15.9889311% the speed of light.
  6. A super-massive black hole. The star S2 follows an elliptical orbit with a period of 15.2 years and a pericenter (closest distance) of 17 light-hours (1.8×1013 m or 120 AU) from the center of the central object. From the motion of star S2, the object's mass can be estimated as 4.1 million solar masses, or about 8.2×1036 kg. The radius of the central object must be less than 17 light-hours, because otherwise, S2 would collide with it. In fact, recent observations indicate that the radius is no more than 6.25 light-hours, about the diameter of Uranus' orbit. Any model of an astronomical object but a black hole is not foreseen to contain 4.1 million solar masses in this volume of space.
  7. Mk:1 The cut off text reads "CUBESAT DEPLOY", "REAR" and at the bottom "HIGH GAIN COMMS"
  8. Might draw up some blueprints for the Spacebus.
  9. Surely this is going to annoy NASA - LADEE is trying to study the lunar atmosphere, and a moon landing will kick up dusts and gas and affect the results.
  10. Aw, abort. They ran out of time to do the data review, so they're de-tanking her.
  11. Falcon 9 launch - Brought to you by the windows file transfer time predictor!
  12. I'm really not sure, I was fiddling around with subassemblies!