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  1. That would actually be an interesting way to set up the game economy. As it is, the game functions more or less like the KSC is a private company, while your model has it functioning much more like a government organization. I'm not sure which Squad is going for, but I think it's an idea worth exploring. Perhaps someone could come up with a mod for this?
  2. It might actually be an out-of-memory situation. Even though KSP is supposed to be able to use up to 4GB of memory it can get buggy with as little as 3GB. I know I had very similar issues when I was running out of memory on my Mac a while back (I'd load a vessel and it would be invisible/missing parts). Could you try the following: 1. Backup your KSP folder 2. Remove the biggest part mod you have 3. Launch KSP, start a new sandbox game, and launch a large rocket (take note of your memory usage) 4. Try to reproduce the bug by quicksaving and quickloading excessively (noting memory usage after each save/load cycle) Edit: Also, a list of the mods you have installed would be useful.
  3. I have linked this mod to recurring lag spikes here: Support Thread This might be unique to the OSX version as I am also running Kerbal Engineer on my PC and have not come across this issue. Any thoughts?
  4. After removing several mods and relaunching the game, it would seem that the likely culprit is Kerbal Engineer. I will test it one more time with nothing but Kerbal Engineer installed to be sure. I am now 100% certain that Kerbal Engineer 6.2.12 is the cause of the lag spikes. I'll bring this to the mod author's attention, and hopefully it won't be too hard to fix. I use Kerbal Engineer quite a bit, so I really hope it isn't an unsolvable issue. Regardless, this issue is now technically solved. Thanks for making me test the individual mods Malah; being the lazy person I am I probably wouldn't have tried that.
  5. I'm no expert by any means, but the first thing I'd do is make sure KSP isn't running out of memory. Just open up the task manager and report back how much ram KSP is using when this bug happens.
  6. KSP: 0.25.0 OSX Problem: Consistent lag spikes Mods installed: Active Texture Management (Release 3-8) BOMPs (revived) Chatterer (0.7.1) Raster Prop Monitor (0.18.3) Kerbal Engineer (6.2.12) EDIT: My bad, it was KW Rocketry (2.6d2) SCANsat (8.0) VesselView (0.6 RPM) Reproduction steps: 1. Launch the stock Kerbal X on low graphics settings (so as to not have any noticeable graphics-related lag). 2. Notice the lag spikes that consistently and relentlessly repeat. 3. Launch the rocket and note that the spike length seems proportional to vessel part count. Log: Dropbox Link Note that after the launch KSP was using exactly 2.42GB of ram, which suggests that it is not a memory issue (or at least not one related to the lack thereof). If any additional information is needed to help me rid myself of these rather annoying lag spikes I would be happy to provide it. SOLVED: The culprit was Kerbal Engineer Removing this mod stopped the lag.
  7. Given the incredible effort put into this I can't help but feel disappointed that I am limited to using it only on landers (I know I'm not actually limited, but my brain requires me to impose such restrictions). So if you're still looking for suggestions for a next project I would recommend making the command bridge of a large interplanetary vessel. The kind of thing that would be launched up in multiple parts and pieced together in orbit. Having a decent-sized bridge (with enough room for around 4 kerbals and 1 commander) with this level of detail would be a dream come true for me.
  8. The challenge is officially back in business! I may be a bit sporadic about checking for entries, but I should get around to grading an entry within 3-4 days at the most. Also, does anyone know if the current version of Sensor Reporter works with the new kOS?
  9. Sure, I'll try to get around to modifying the main page later today. Sorry for the late response, I've been a bit busy of late with school and my new hobby (astrophotography), so I haven't been checking the forums as often as I used to.
  10. Or you could have more than one ongoing mission at a given time (ex: send a resupply mission to the Mun base while the Jool express is entering Joolian orbit).
  11. This is the most interesting mod I have seen in a long time. Nice work so far Nereid!
  12. I don't even know what polynomial and linear time are. My programming knowledge only dips into the intermediate levels. You might have better luck asking around in the kOS mod thread.
  13. Get lost hopelessly in underground caverns. Discover lost city of atlantis buried deep underground in a massive cavern. Fight through enemies guarding it to access ancient technology and use a beam of light (beacon anyone?) to escape into the ocean. Return to your benign home on the surface. Acquire sleep. That seems epic enough for my standards.
  14. Actually we would probably just see some sort of news headline like this the next day: Classified US Satellite Shoots Down ICBM! In all seriousness though, some sort of space-based antimissile system would be the best defense against ICBMs, and the traditional military should be able to intercept bombers and other threats. It's the terrorists we have to worry about...
  15. Keep in mind that once asteroid mining starts up (and it will hopefully do so in the next 10-20 years), we'll likely see a sudden drop in the cost of many raw building materials. This will, in turn, allow for the cheaper construction of toilets for everyone. Plus if we spend all our time and resources trying to achieve equal living conditions on this planet and end up getting hit by an extinction-level NEO because we weren't prepared for it, then would we really have accomplished anything?
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