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  1. Thanks for the comments. When 1.02 came out, I looked into what I needed to do to upgrade it. Unfortunately, the upgrade to Unity 5 zapped some of the classes I was using, and I haven't found any documentation on replacements. I looked at a few of the add-ins that I had 'borrowed' code from, most of them haven't been updated either. I don't know if the new Unity makes some things impossible or the developers have just moved on (I went back to JC3 for a break). Anyhow, it's in GitHub, if anyone sees find even a hint of what I need to do, let me know.
  2. I could have sworn I did, but I see 0.4 is dated Jan 14, that's too long ago. I'll investigate.
  3. Awesome! I can finally throw out my stupid Excel spreadsheet.
  4. Good news everyone! The mystery of the disappearing toolbar button has been solved, the event that I used to use to create the button no longer fires, so I moved the creation to another location. And back to my mistress I go...
  5. Sorry about the delay guys, a foul temptress called "Cities: Skylines" has stolen my attention for the last few weeks, so I haven't even gotten around to checking the forum to see if MT when off the rails on v1 (which it sounds like it did). To be honest, I was like "I'll wait until until they've pushed out a few patches before I check it out", but really it was "just one more block of residential, then I'll stop." So I promise that I'll have a look at it tonight and try to figure out why the toolbar went MIA. Out of curiosity, has anyone seen other mods go bad in the same way? I most likely stole the toolbar code from somewhere else, so I can probably steal the fix as well (unless sapienza has fixed it for me, then I'll just roll that right on in!).
  6. If I could add my 2 cents to this, my mod (MovieTime) doesn't see anywhere the volume that MechJeb, FAR and the others, but I do see an anomaly that I don't understand... I have 3 releases (.2, .3 and .4), and the download stats show .2 as being downloaded much more often than .4, in spite of the fact that all my links point to the .4 download. Seems weird.
  7. You aren't seeing the button on the top-right tool bar (ie, the 'film' button just to the left of the gas can)? Which version of KSP, which OS, and what bit-ness (32 or 64)? Steam version or regular? Can you look at the debug log (ALT+F12, then click Debug Log) and see if there are any 'MovieTime' messages?
  8. The original release of the product actually had links to my dropbox account, but people told me I'd quickly have problems with that. I then moved it to KerbalStuff and github and then Curse a few days after that. Like most devs, my only incentive to putting it anywhere is to increase exposure and downloads. Squad likely has some level of management over their Curse presence, whereas it has none with KerbalStuff. It seems perfectly logical that if a mod is available on both sites, that Squad link to the site it has some control over, rather than a third-party site that could go rogue at any time (you never know...). Observation: For MovieTime, KerbalStuff downloads outstrip Curse by a factor of 4. I seem to remember seeing a spike in downloads on Curse around Christmas, I had no idea why until I saw this post today. Thanks Squad!
  9. You could do it fairly easily using the MovieTime shader. Omit the vignette and overlay textures (and set their amounts to 1). Set the Monochrome variable to 1 and then set the MonoColor variable to the color you want to tint to (ie, red). Maybe the Brightness variable as well. It's essentially the same as what I'm doing with the night vision shader, but with a different color and without the overlays (though a growing tunnel-vision vignette would add to the black out/red out effect). Shaders were a mystery to me when I started this, but this resource in particular: http://it-ebooks.info/book/2954/ was extremely helpful. It didn't hurt that one of the examples was exactly what I wanted.
  10. Yup, specifically, it's the <Top> and <Left> settings that need to be removed. I'm fixing it right now. Nice video!
  11. Interesting. I hadn't thought of the static effect from a transmission point of view, but rather from an 'available Movie/TV technology at the time' point of view. I'm pretty sure a gaussian blur shader can be done and would handle the resolution scaling, I had planned on it for the thermal cam. Either that or a pixelation shader would do the trick. Although I know C# quite well, graphic effect and shader programming are new to me, I struggle every time I need to edit the shader code. I'm planning on re-visiting the not-so-noisy static. I might be able to get a better effect by shifting the texture more randomly or cycling through a series of textures (like you described). The scratch and dust effects could use a random left/right shift element that would improve the movie effects as well. Incidentally, everyone, most of the effects are accomplished by blending the output image with several overlay textures (for example, the scratches, dust, film vignette, static snow, CRT mesh). They're just png's in the 'Textures' sub-directory, so feel free to experiment with your own textures.
  12. I can't figure out how to change my header, I 'click to upload header', pick my jpg, but it just sits at 'uploading'. What type of file is it looking for? What's the max Size? I've tried with both IE and chrome, same thing happens.
  13. I don't think ATM will have an effect, as my MT's textures needed to be loaded on the fly. What resolution are you using? The images are saved at the maximum available resolution, and I think that the scan lines are getting squished down to yours, giving you that lovely gray effect. It would be very easy to provide lower-resolution textures which I think would do the trick. I'll work on that in the next release.
  14. Yeah, I gave it a run-through once I got .90 downloaded last night, it seemed to behave properly. For me, .90 is the first version that really feels like a finished game. Squad's done a great job with this release.
  15. Yes, I'm fine with CKAN packaging. Also, Kerbalstuff and GitHub are in the works.
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