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  1. Yep, no matter what I did they remained disabled. They do behave correctly once you're in game, though - it's just during the initial game config that it misbehaves.
  2. Don't know if this is intended, but the temperature scaling and fatal/comatose settings in difficulty are greyed out and not manipulable when starting a new game. You have to go into settings after-the-fact to tweak these. This wasn't intuitive, I spent almost 15 minutes looking for bug reports and nosing about in the config file before I went back in after-the-fact and saw the controls were enabled. If it *is* intended, I might suggest drawing an explanatory label somewhere on the panel when the controls are disabled.
  3. Is there a command line argument I can use to simplify startup? As I use RSS, I have to do the whole "File -> Load Bodies From File" every time I fire this up, and it gets a little old. (it would actually be nice if it would load this file by default if it was present - maybe offer that as a configuration item somehow) EDIT: I'm an idiot. Just backing up and replacing the bodies.ini in the KSPTOT directory does what I want. And to save any other RSS users the trouble, here's the generated bodies.ini with current versions of everything.
  4. Did you get the whole output_log.txt? It stops right at the important part: "========== OUTPUTING STACK TRACE =================="
  5. Hey Ratzap - ran across these errors for a variety of plugins I've got installed. What are the chances that this might affect the drain/gen summation from Fusebox? I'm hoping these are only needed to be loaded to enable their presence on your filter menu, but figured I'd ask.
  6. So, uh, this is still happening. Is this file actually needed?
  7. What's EL? I'll have a look to see how it was handled.
  8. Anyone know what mod might be adding this? I've gone a bit mod-happy and this is my last outstanding issue. When I open the map while in a flight, this icon shows up in the toolbar. It flickers (like it's hiding and redrawing) once or twice a second. It doesn't seem to do anything when clicked or right clicked (except the little aircraft symbol on it turns blue the first time it's clicked). It doesn't seem to be a huge deal, but something may be wrong under the covers and I'd like to get rid of the thing if it's going to be cranky. If you need a mod list, I can provide, but it's not small (30k module manager patches at load, for instance).
  9. Trying to add this into CKAN and I'm finding I can't - your releases on github do not have a "latest" tagged release. Any chance you can do so? If you do, I'll be happy to submit it for you. Else, someone will have to manually keep the .netkan updated with the download URL and mod version. Here's what I had written up, if you like: { "spec_version" : 1, "identifier" : "FreeEVA", "$kref" : "#/ckan/github/taniwha-qf/FreeEVA", "name" : "FreeEVA", "author" : "taniwha", "abstract" : "Control over KSP's automatic orientation of EVA facing", "license" : "GPL-3.0", "ksp_version_min" : "1.0.2", "ksp_version_max" : "1.0.4", "resources": { "homepage": "http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/95076" } }
  10. I'm hoping for remote-tech integration myself
  11. AVC is whining that you've got 1.8.5 hiding somewhere. Where'd ya sneak off with it?
  12. BTW, caught the cause of this 'lag' on the CKAN side - the 'v' in the version numbering was changed and that was tripping it up - "v0.8" sorts before "0.9" An override was added that should have dealt with this. May have to be changed again if you change your version notation again
  13. When you say this, what exactly do you mean by complements? Looking at the configs I don't see any nasty conflicts for sure, but I'm not really savvy on what the attributes mean. I'm thinking these just play together by virtue of what they do. How do they interact (in particular the difference between a physical return and a transmission)? Or, am I misunderstanding completely and I shouldn't use both mods at the same time? here's what I think happens... NMSG simply makes an experiment always worth the full value of the experiment, instead of the fraction it may have had before. This mod, then, turns around and just changes parameters for biome associations and such, and tweaks the coefficients for returned vs transmitted? My read then is that you might still need to repeat, depending on those transmission/return scalers, in that a transmission may leave a segment of science that may only be satisfied by a return, BUT you wouldn't gain anything from additional transmissions and a single return should fill the gap? Now, what I don't get. Why on earth would numeric instruments like the thermometer/barometer/gravimetric/seismic not have an xmitDataScalar of 1? I can understand the atmospheric analysis as that might involve keeping a physical sample (and in that case I would have actually scaled it more like the mystery goo or materials bay) , but these other things are just data. I really feel you should have gone all the way on those. It's easy to fix to be the way that I want, but should you ever update I'll have to remember to go back in and tweak it all again
  14. CKAN should be fixed by now. ETA was around 1.5 hours after my PR went in.