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  1. A very intresting point! While this is, of course, very true, I'm afraid i don't think that it'll be very relevant to transferring from planet to planet. The whole thing is relative to the body you're currently in orbit (or not) around, and so when moving from one body to another, the velocity readout changes. In a mission to another planet, the most efficient way to do so is (at least as I see it) to move to orbiting Kerbol and then grow the orbit out to the other planet. But I digress. The system should work perfectly fine for interplanetary transport, just as it does for Mun-Minmus missions. Besides, the only time I really use it is when I'm coming down to a body, and I don't want to know my total velocity relative to Kerbol at that point.
  2. I love it, Mr. Scruffy. Also, the first half of your tale reminds me of 2001 also.
  3. O.o you, my friend, have jjust won the game.On that note, I lost the game.
  4. It's ok. but I fail to see the benefit of 5 seconds extra fuel. Now, make it 30 seconds, and there you go, but make it heavier, and with a higher chance of boomey-crash. That'd show that added weight of having more fuel and the added danger of having it more pressurised. 8)
  5. Very nice! i love it! I was thinking, looking at the OP, that this needed textures! tried it, and it won. ;D
  6. nice. About 95% of the ships on these foums are just massive ones. C-C-C-C-Combo breaker!!
  7. I lol'd at the forum post behind the second pic. Anyay, I recognise that bent fuel tank. Love the mod. nice ships too!
  8. Very nice! I'm just wondering how that one liquid fuel engine got that moon-sized fuel tank into orbit. Do you have any answers?
  9. Very nice! looks good and functional. I, for one, am impressed.
  10. Really nice! love that smoke trail you've got going there.
  11. Brilliant. Unfortunately, the Tau will dominate these feeble crafts. ;D
  12. I officially love that decoupler more than this next emoticon:
  13. I'm sorry, sunday, but you owe me a new awesome-o-meter. You overloaded my old one.
  14. here's an idea from a complete modding novice- make it so that the wings have a teeny rocket in there, lighting it up. Would that work? i understand that it'd only work when that bit was activated, but still. Possible?
  15. This is brilliant. `it is the most visually different engine I've seen in a long while. Kudos to you!
  16. That. Would. Be. Amazing! :o
  17. amazing. love the idea, texture, and cute-ness. 5 stars!
  18. I see someone's been shoving fuel tanks in the blender!!! Other than that, I love it. looks really nice.
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