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  1. Wow, I'm surprised that the lander isn't sliding down the hill. Very nice design.
  2. In primary school, when we used the computers we were all assigned random 4-digit passwords. The first one I received was szpw, and I began using that as my username for many things. I liked the sound of it, and the fact that it was never taken. When it is though, I use szpw7.
  3. That looks awesome, I'll probably get it sometime in the next few days. I noticed that it has some rather negative reviews, but I still plan to purchase it anyways. Looks fun.
  4. Hello, My next destination for a interplanetary mission is Gilly, but I noticed the terrain there is rather hilly and I don't want to land on a steep cliff. I don't want to go through the trouble of finding a landing site that is flat and being precise, so I'm looking for a way to adapt my lander so that it can roll down a hill to a flatter area if it were to land on a hill (Something like the airbags on one of the real-life Mars missions.) How have the people here coped with landing on hilly terrain?
  5. I voted Jeb because he seems to be the most iconic figure in the game-many would look up to him because of his lack of fear and his unwavering confidence in the face of certain death.
  6. Here are a few things I do on my missions to make them more interesting. -Write a log of the flight with detailed information on what is happening and what I do. -Mine for Kethane or Zoxygene. -Search for easter eggs -Map the Object using ISA MapSat -If I see something and I have leftover fuel, I sometimes fly to things I see if they are close.
  7. I build the lander\orbiter or whatever the main thing is, then attach this massive launcher to the bottom. I use the same launcher for everything. It's 4 large tanks tall, and has 3 4 tank stacks radially attached.
  8. It's a great engine for interplanetary transfers because of it's low fuel consumption. It does take a while though, and my interplanetary spacecraft use normal liquid fuel engines. It has proven capable of both Duna and Eve, but I still want to implement a nuclear engine in my Jool mission.
  9. I'd say something really dramatic like "Today mankind has made a giant leap into the future"
  10. This is a neat idea, and there isn't a lot of sites like that on the Internet. I'm definitly interested in this.
  11. Nice to see more people doing Orbiter! Very fun simulator once you learn it.
  12. Don't worry, you'll get it soon. Tauge had a pretty good guide on how to do it, but I find the hardest part is building the right craft for the job. It took me almost a month to get into a lunar orbit. Most engines can perform the lunar transfer, but I'd specifically recommend the smaller engines (not the lander ones, but the original 2 engines.) For landing a usual capsule-small tank-lander engine with 4 landing struts normally works fine with me.
  13. I usually use random names for my test rockets, but for tested, working designs that have reached their final version I use something like Legacy, New Frontiers (my personal favourite) or some other dramatic names. After that I normally save variations of the rocket as New Frontiers I, II, II etc.
  14. I'm honestly not sure whether my friends like KSP or not. I don't think any have made an actual orbital flight, much less a flight out of the atmosphere.
  15. I think the testing room sounds like a great idea. It would be neat if you could simulate things ahead of time, for example, you might want to test your lander's capabilities as it enters into Duna's atmosphere, and you could type in the orbital parameters you want, select the craft (and the specific stages) you want and just test-fly it without the hassle of an actual mission. Another neat idea would be some sort of wind tunnel to test the aerodynamics of your space-plane.
  16. There's 2 main problems I always have while playing, which would be running out of fuel after a good 30 minutes of playing, and messing up the staging and decoupling early after a good 30 minutes of playing.
  17. I think the primary things I want for this update would be as follows (These are taken from the planned features list) Mission Control Room : Create flight plans and take on missions and challenges Docking Asteroid Belt Re-Entry Heat and Effects And another thing I hope they add would be multiple launch sites\space centres to launch from. It would be neat if you could land a part at a certain place, and then that area becomes a launch facility. It would give bases on other bodies a practical use. It would also be neat to manage your space missions from a body and place other than Kerbin and the KSC.
  18. I haven't seen anybody return safely from any planets. I bet it's possible from Duna, not sure about others.
  19. I flew 5 solar missions before getting a Duna encounter on the 6th. Here's some pics I took Saw a sunrise while in Kerbin orbit. Stunning! A few months later, Duna comes into view. Here comes the 5-10 minutes of absolute terror I can see that haze now.... Entering the Atmosphere The view immediatly after landing. It didn't go very well, considering that pieces of my lander are strewn across the landscape, but still a landing on another planet! Emerging into the Desert Walking towards the main body of my lander\rover Mostly intact. This landing was one of my favourite things I've ever done in a video game, it was just awesome. The best part though, is I still have Jool, it's 4 moons, Ike, Eve, Gilly and Moho to land on. May 26th 2012. My first Mun Landing July 18th 2012 First Space Station September 15th 2012 First Rover Landing on any Object September 20th 2012 First Landing on another Planet
  20. When I saw that picture of the Mun over Kerbol, I literally thought it was a spacecraft re-entering the atmosphere with some sort of new effect. Upon closer inspection, it is not however.
  21. I don't use it regularly, but sometimes I just think "Gah, I've done this a thousand times. I'll just use mechjeb to autpilot this to orbit, then take it from there." In other words, I use it when I'm bored of doing something (Normally the launches. Those get boring.)
  22. You rendezvoued with it, grabbed it AND carried it back to the KSC. Now that is an amazing accomplishment.
  23. I'm probably going to do short suborbital flights with the 2 capsules while using IVA the whole time, and then fly around in atmosphere (also using IVA) Afterwards I'll probably attempt a Duna orbiter, and if I got enough fuel a landing too.
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