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  1. In a slight celebration of 50 subscribers, I decided to start a KSP series! I've been around since 0.13, but I haven't really made videos on it before... Here is the first episode!
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxSXKGM-cls&feature=g-upl New Video Up!!! Get onto it Survival Island episode three!
  3. Hey there guys, I know how great the KSP community is, and I would like to ask a small favour in helping me get started on youtube. I have made 2 videos so far, and am trying to improve as much as I can, and it would mean so so much to me if you guys checked out my videos, like, comment and subscribe... I am making gaming videos, of minecraft, KSP, and whatever else I play. My friends have wanted to do some multiplayer Blacklight Retribution, so I may do videos on that. For now though, the two videos are minecraft, survival island. The episode one quality could be much better, but the second one is quite good, and I can guarantee a lot of improvement on that. Anyway, please help me out here, by subscribing to my channel, and liking/commenting on my videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/TheWhiteIke?feature=guide If you want, post your link below and I will subscribe to you as well! If you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.
  4. Great Ship!! Bookmarked this thread for when the craft file comes out Make sure you post the Launcher as well as just the plane!!
  5. 1. Docking is not going to happen in this update. 2. Nova said earlier in the thread that new planets arent gonna come for a while 3. I dont think a 10x physical timewarp would be good.. my ships blow apart on 4x... 4. Been said a while ago that Orbital assembly building wont happen Sorry to be a bit of a killjoy, but I just want to give the 'facts'
  6. Well, I sort of just estimate it.. You could always put a protractor on the screen, but yeah you can see that 0/360, 90, 180, 270 are vertical/horizontal, and half way between them is 45 degrees... So I basically zoom out on the map screen, and just estimate (sorry I couldnt be more help, it is tricky business)
  7. Right here, dude! This helped me to get to all the planets!! Good Luck!! http://ksp.olex.biz/ Don't worry, I promise it is a safe, virus free site
  8. My hopes/guesses for 0.18 -Finish modelling the other 2 space plane cockpits -Add rest of planets + asteroid belt (as mentioned in wiki) -New, unmanned capsule/computer for probes/rovers etc. -Multiple CM's on one ship (not for docking, but for say a Jool orbiter, with 4 extra ships to go to its moons, or even a double satellite lauch like the ariane 5 (spelling) does sometimes) -Some sort of weather, and re-entry heat -New VAB/SPH inventory screen thingo -Extra parts? Don't know what, but just more variety -More training/scenarios (I don't need them, its just interesting how the devs intend the game to be played )
  9. Yeah thanks! I would have made more of it but I only had 2 weeks, which including having to make textures, the game itself, and a hell of a lot of theory... I am probably going to improve the character, and make the animations better.. Also more levels, and a life system Also, thanks for the following reasons: -The quick reply -The positive feedback -Taking the time to play the game -Checking for viruses for other people
  10. Hey guys! I am in year 11 in Australia, and for an IT (computer) SAC (School Assessed Coursework-Test) we had to make a game. I chose to make a platform game. It is called super hat man. It was my best game I made so far, and sort of rips off mario The graphics and stuff are pretty basic, but it was pretty good. Basically, you are a stick figure, you can jump on monsters that are red, but not blue, and you must reach the exit. There are three levels. Enjoy https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qszl0o934l3vdzm/j825mfFw3T
  11. well if there is an unmanned capsule, then none will but if no unmanned capsule, hundreds... maybe thousands
  12. when 0.17 comes out, im gonna not kill any kerbals... Extensive tests will be taken out to make sure my rockets are safe
  13. Hmm I was thinking about the docking mod, but I decided I like the Vanilla game (aside from the Mechjeb information parts), and for the time being have no point for docking.. maybe I will get it after the release of 0.17, but for now I think I will wait for the devs to implement it (yes I know, it will take a long time ) EDIT: Kosmo-not, I only used it for the relative velocity and distance, cos it is easier I still launched and did my own orbital operations
  14. OMG I DID IT!!! I DID IT :DDDD I AM THE KING!!! (In my own mind...) I am so happy as I just achieved my very first orbital rendezvous!! I dubbed the missions Jebeni I and Jebeni II after Kurt J Mac's rendezvous missions Some pictures are attached.
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