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  1. Decided to have a go at building an AG racer. Took some work to get the load on the repulsors balanced, but it hovers quite nicely. It has three Whiplash engines for maximum thrust, which... may actually be slightly overdoing it. The engine trails look cool, though!
  2. 1920x1080 on my Radeon HD 5770 and the open-source Linux drivers. It's playable.
  3. I already use Linux for everything, mostly because it doesn't treat me like I was repeatedly dropped on the head as a child.
  4. With the addition of a lot more repulsors, it now handles jumps flawlessly. As long as I hit the right roll keys, anyway. EDIT: Flying from IVA is actually pretty good!
  5. Also wheels that are perfectly fine with hitting a jump at 220m/s... which is actually about the right speed for the craft it's based on. The landing wouldn't be so hard if it didn't like to flip so much. The huge stacks of winglets are clearly overkill, but I think some roll control is the solution here. The tricky part is adding roll control while keeping its shape (which the winglets definitely did not do). With that in mind, I present version fiveish! The changes are best displayed here. I've removed a Whiplash to shift the centre of thrust into line with the centre of mass, added some control surfaces, turned the airbrakes around to make it look more like the real thing (which I'm probably going to undo, the wrong sides are deploying), and jammed on some batteries so that Jeb doesn't immediately get smeared across a hill when I run out of fuel. Upon taking a jump, it flew perfectly, and... slammed into the ground anyway, because the repulsors couldn't handle the impact. It's an improvement!
  6. I went back and made a few changes to my AG racer. With the addition of four more Whiplash engines, the removal of the ram air intakes, and some extra wing panels on the underside to make it fly forwards, it's actually pretty good. Still doesn't handle jumps well, though. EDIT: With the addition of some fins to help control pitch, roll, and yaw better, it now completely misses the point.
  7. Yeah, it landed survivably. Probably would've handled it better if it hadn't been going sideways, or if it had any roll control. Looks like an OKTO2.
  8. I had a go at making the Goteki 45 craft from Wipeout Pulse and Wipeout HD. It goes in lots of directions, most of which are backwards, and it demonstrates perfectly why all my successful hovercraft have had an enormous sail of a wing on top. It also handles jumps poorly (especially when it's going sideways, which is frequently). Still, it's better than my EG-X craft, which wouldn't even hover on the runway without falling over or disintegrating, and was well over 200 parts (a lot more than the 93 parts used on this one).
  9. That would look absolutely awful on any part other than the precooler and nacelle. It'd be much better to make the fan part of the circular intake.
  10. I was testing a plane with her. It flew okay, but I crashed it pretty much instantly.
  11. Honestly, I'm impressed. I expected a lot worse. I like the new aero parts.
  12. Sounds like you could do some odd things with this - for instance, a craft with its CoM fully ahead of all of its parts.
  13. That might be the difference, then - I did a completely clean install from Steam, and nothing changed.
  14. Put the .dll file in Gamedata, make a file named something like "heatshieldfix.cfg" (the important part is that it ends in .cfg, you can call it whatever you want), and paste this code into it.