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  1. Hi Matt (i can call you that right?) I just found your new (processing) video. can't wait to see what is holds. PS do you know when it will stop processing? i want to watch it! thanks mnmn1234
  2. Tropico? oh yes Tropico. If i remember You run a small republic. Will give it a try this Summer!
  3. ...... I Think i may have a winner. Thank You Mr. Silisko!
  4. Ah I Forgot Corporation Inc... i have played that WAY to much.. Thank for reminding me!
  5. Hi KSP Fourms! I have always loved tycoon games, [ Rollercoster tycoon etc] and i Just went a step deeper. business simulation game were you don't just build you have to manage your company and deal with rivals and the stock market government etc. So with that out of the way i guess i can say what is has etc Well Free for a starter, single player and no online multilplayer If you something Please tell me. Thanks! and if i can't do this here, Sorry Mods!
  6. 0/10 WHO ARE WHAT ARE YOU? ... i don't know you... go home.. you scarce me...
  7. 9/10 I See you where i go....
  8. I Guess i will start I will trade arma 3 alpha lite for a arma2 combined ops
  9. Oh and sorry mods if you can't do this!
  10. In This thread You can make steam tradse happen. RULES 1 no money for trading just games to games 2 No Hacked Games 3 have fun! so yea... Get trading!
  11. Banned For Calling QUEEN Chobit a king!
  12. Well i find KSP in 8.0 Ob Google looking for Rocket building game found it. downloaded the game fell in love like that! but did not join forums tell may.
  13. So Yes! I Live On! Minus my 100+ post or something... But No One really cares do they.....
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