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  1. Couldn't agree more. I'm also in a non English Keyboard ( Portuguese ) and suffer from the exact same issues: some native keybindings do not work ( exactly the same one you mention, next and previous craft in flight view ) and special chars are not even usable ( in my case ç ). Ok, unlike olden days we have a significant latitude in remapping keybinds, but it is still a issue .
  2. That is a fair point, mostly because, due to the nature of physics, there are only three ( or four ) real dificulty bumps in space exploration for non-ageing beings that don't need to eat, drink or breathe : getting to orbit, docking and make a return mission ( the fourth is getting functional IRSU ). Tailoring a dificulty curve out of a curve with a couple of cliffs is hard, especially if you add the assumption that parts in general have to get better with time ingame ( gamers absolutely loathe "Dark ages" in game progression, where stuff doesn't progress or even regress ). That said, note th
  3. Well, the issue is that there is a not so fine line between having parts strategically placed to various places of the tech tree and having them scattered around the tech tree to force players to go everywhere. The second is the exact oposite of any normal game with a tech tree or equivalent does ... most games ( and RL, I might add ) make very that you reap rewards of specializing in between some very distinct branches ( also in most games you have at all times between 5 or 6 choices in the tech tree at all times to promote diversified game play and keep the player with the feel they can actu
  4. But SQUAD named it It is not that they chose to keep the star unnamed , right? They just chose a name that it was not the name the community had chosen back in ol'days and for some reason ,most of the community decided to ignore the devs about this particular name ( it is not that we see people asking to name Kerbin Kearth )
  5. Well, I described succintly what stock burn time does in the post you quoted, but I can obviously do it in more detail ... First of all, you are half wrong, since the stock burn time is not necessarily a instantaneous measurement and it does not use the current acceleration. What it does is to get the maximum acceleration you got in your current map session since your last staging event and use that for the burn time calculation. So the value the stock burn time is only right if you're at your max thurst all the time and will only self correct if your thrust is increasing ( if you don't
  6. Well, on your a) ... well, I definitely don't need it, but I also don't really need manouver nodes, burn times, close aproach markers or even SoI change signaling since I learned the game before any of those things were even in the game at all ( and people earlier than me don't even need map view, since they learned the game when they had to do math to know they were in orbit ). Other people mileage might not be as long as mine or yours, mind that and OFC, not needing a thing is not the same as having that thing not being a plus On your b) ... well, that is pretty much why I brought the
  7. Well, by that logic, we should also take the burn time of the game, because that thing will spit nonsense numbers a lot of times, when it simply does not throw a N/A on you ... I really, really, don't get the whole " if it can't be perfectly accurate, better don't have it" line of thought some people showed in this thread. RL doesn't work like that and TBH, games also don't work like that ... and in case of KSP it is even worse because the whole game is built on top of a not so accurate representation of orbital mechanics that will always get things wrong
  8. To not lose a lot of time typing it all again ... So, I assume that you want to make Kerbin Kearth again as well, right ?
  9. Yeah, I have to agree that "Sun" is a very flareless name, but well, "Mun", "Eve", "Duna" , "Pol" or "Ike" are not exactly exotic or space-sounding , so it is not that Sun is somewhat not fitting with the theme ...
  10. Because you're speaking english If you speak Spanish or Portuguese, we call Sol ... Sol
  11. Short awnser: the star in KSP planetary system it is called Sun . Not Kerbol, regardless of what people say to you Slightly longer awnser: Originally in KSP neither the planet or the star in KSP were named in game and so people in the the comunity, in what would be the beginning of the quite ol' tradition of "adding K to the beginning of each word" named the planet Kearth and the star Kerbol ( you can still find some 2011 youtube videos using that naming scheme, like "The Dark side of Kearth" by Scott Manley ). When the devs finaly decided to name both bodies , they went with Kerbin an
  12. And OFC, we have take in account that the modder said that he is not sure he can pull it out in Unity 5, because the function he was using in Unity 4 for this was heavily changed and is no longer a fit for this...
  13. Well, as I said this week to a streamer that got the same issue, this is not SQUAD fault, while it's true that the devs here are guilty of both corner cutting ( by using crew capacity alone to determine if a part is avaliable for the rescue contract ) and by, in this case , not providing the modders tools to deal with this issue... well, the modder was ( or should be ) well aware of those limitations when he created the parts, I assume ( being the modder in question Roverdude ), so he chose to put parts that would give problems in his mod. That said, and again, if you ask me if I think
  14. Well, I do not speak for the devs, surely ( neither of us, TBH ). I do know their thought process partly, though, because the devs fortunately can speak and type, and Harvester was always very, VERY adamant that he wanted to smooth out the game for newer players in his public interventions either here or in other media. OFC intentions do not always beat with final results and my point in this discussion was always that while the devs tried to make the entry of new players in the game easy, some of their actions worked in reverse. About the game being a learning tool, yes, it is .I already
  15. IIRC there were some parts up to 0.25 ( that in my head is 3 versions away ) that had not exactly 5kg per unit of LF due to most like some rounding errors of the devs. It was nothing very serious, though
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