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  1. I am unable to make ANY scene changes, cant go to sc, ts, or even the mm.
  2. can someone tell me what this mod does in laymen terms? i understand that it affects gravity in someway and ship orbits can thus decay, but thats all i can make out from that long ass post.
  3. as the title says, every so often after i crash my rocket/plane and break something im unable to recover the pod if it survived and i cant go back to the space center scene, i have to alt f4. ive tried looking at the ksp.log file but i cant make sense of it. anyome else have a similar issue or know the cause?
  4. i have reasearch bodies installed along with jnsq and the difficulty options for medium shows (sun, kerbin, mun, minmus, moho) and then when i get into game, i do indeed have sun, mun, minmus, but i have jool instead of moho.
  5. just wondering if any amazing person has adopted the modular computer package mod, all i've found on it is 2 dead threads and an old old download of version 1.1 of the mod, gonna try it in 1.1.3 and see if it works but would really love it if someones taken care of the mod. would like to report the mod does indeed work in 1.1.3
  6. not entirely sure what you mean by makeshifting it with cubic struts, can we get a ss? imo the two 1.25m stock cockpits (inline and jet) fill the role jsut fine.
  7. so, after trying to condense my mod list i've neded up with what imo are mods that i have to have though, i'm not sure what's entirely needed based on everything, was wondering if i could get some input on what i can remove from the game and still have roughly the same gameplay. and if multiple things can be rmoved and something added in to replace it that works too. VV avc plugins VV
  8. having an isuue with the tourism contract pack, on a fresh game it wont let me start the first contract as it say's i've already completed a standard tourism contract. OS: windows 10 ksp: 1.2pre 64x VV logs VV
  9. i woud like to report that your mod does seem to work with 1.2 pre without any problems currently, tanks work fine and so do the engines.
  10. around 1wk to 30days for my game at least(using modded parts) but something as simple as usi's sounding rocket should take less than a week. >.>; that's with the mod's settings that it initially has.
  11. i've tried cct and to me, at least in the early game i'ts more fo a hassel than anything, especially when i'm pre-programmed to click the stock recovery button instead of the cct button so i'm losing the parts from the ship every time.
  12. jsut wondering what suggestiosn you guys have for the 1.1.3 carrer settings to make it a more balanced game. (i.e each launch has to accomplish something to pay for the launch, a setting to not drown in science the instant i get to the mun/minmus etc. i'm already using far/deadly re-entry to try and make the gameplay itself harder. i'll also provide a full mod list if that will help people figure out a balanced settings. normal is to easy and hard destroys my space program, and i feel no difference between normal/moderate.
  13. what are those? never heard of superflaps before.
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