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  1. Hoaxer! (from the KSP guidelines:

    1. Impersonating members of staff. This includes using a nickname or profile photo that resembles theirs;


    1. kerbinorbiter


      he is Ted though 

  2. Greetings!  I saw your imgur gallery embed post here:


    I was wondering if you could share the bbcode you used to implement this?  I had an imgur tag working for my forum, but they changed the api I believe, and it broke the tag for my forum unfortunately.  

    I've been looking all over for a new way to do it,  and came across your post which appears to still work with the newer imgur album format.  Any information you can provide would be extremely helpful. Thanks!   -nathan 





  3. I'm glad to see you're still visiting the forums. You've done so much for the game.

  4. For the past four years, I’ve worked alongside the most talented, passionate and dauntingly intelligent people I’ve ever met, on a game like no other. It's come time though, to step back and focus on other things. Four years ago, I successfully applied for a forum moderator position on the forums and spent the next six months helping run every facet of it. Due to the development model that Kerbal Space Program followed, early access to updates was available to moderators for the purposes of testing and I became very interested in that. As the game grew, so did the demand for more r
  5. Given that many studies have shown extended periods of 'crunch' or at least overtime for a team leads to more than a 50% drop in productivity, I should think that the team not only deserve significant time off, they require it. That's not even mentioning that those receiving time off (the majority of the team) have been working non-stop tirelessly for over a year, before 1.0 to really do the best job we can and give you guys the best version of KSP. Of course, it also goes without saying that we're people here, we're not machines, we need time to recharge, maybe power down a bit, do some updat
  6. Ted

    1.1 wheels:

    The issue here is not that we don't have the necessary wheels (or "cars, suspension and the like") knowledge to approximate wheel physics, but that the middleware (both Unity and VPP) are making implementing this in KSP cumbersome and unfortunately challenging to balance currently. We've looked into PID systems for the wheels, and those can work for wheels for sure, but KSP is a game where you can make little to no assumptions about how the player has designed their vehicles - something that car manufacturers can take with certainty and something we'd need for a PID system to be fully capable.
  7. Apologies there, I was hoping we'd made it clear in the article that there would be no key and that it was just opt-in. So to be clear, you won't need a key and there will be an announcement when the prerelease goes live.
  8. I know it's bad Forum etiquette, but +1 to this. I've received 30 - 40 PMs in the past week asking this very thing.
  9. If your looking for testers, hit me up with an Email. I bought the game through steam and have plenty of free time for testing the game for bugs.

  10. Shigs

    If you are still looking for testers for 1.1 let me know. I bought the game through steam.

  11. I have over 500 Hours in KSP but not counting the other 1000 hours i play on a modded version, Sign me up I found a couple bugs my self in KSP :).

  12. The Experimentals builds are still internally tested, it's the prerelease that will be publicly available. That takes place after Experimentals.
  13. OPT me in !! i have more than 1000 hours playing/tweaking and make ksp play with a lot of fps >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KM-tIHT_5nY  . TKs

  14. I have 2280 hours in KSP now, so if you need another Experimentals tester, I'd be glad to do it. If you have a bit of space.

  15. Please consider me for the Pre-release 1.1 testing.  I'll be more than happy to do some testing.

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