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  1. Writing mods requires a huge amount of free time, something I have had very little of lately, so you're right that the chance of this being updated is low. For anyone looking to continue this, the required work was to switch it over to using Unity's new audio mixer system, and hooking it into the KSP effects module in the right way.
  2. From what I remember, something similar was done to fix issues with vessels hitting the surface of planets hard enough to go through them: There's a collision enhancer that does a raytrace forwards from the vessel and moves it above ground if it were to go below for explosions if it would go through it otherwise. There was some restriction that prevented it from having any effect at higher time warps, probably that the body hadn't loaded its collider yet if you were too far away, but moving fast enough. Potentially it could be enhanced to at least destroy your vessel when warping through bodie
  3. Most of these are pretty lightweight. They use the KSP events system, so there is no extra work done until KSP taps the event handler on the shoulder to let it know that something has happened. The numeric checks (max/min altitude/speed etc.) have to be done more frequently, but checking if one number is greater than another is something computers can do very quickly. If you're having any problems, leave some details and I'll see if there's anything that can be done about it. The way it's designed, playlists should only load the song that is currently playing, then unload it when it's
  4. If it's based on a real ship, it could be from one of the early Apollo design concepts. Some of them involved a single stage that would land on and take off from the Moon. Check out "NASA Direct" here: http://www.astronautix.com/a/apollolunarlanding.html
  5. It's much worse than that: All the IVA colliders that this mod sets up were written in the equivalent of notepad from within KSP.
  6. It's unlikely: To keep craft compatibility, all the parts would have to remain exactly the same size. One of the benefits of a sequel is being able to work without that kind of restriction. For example, it's often been said that the Terrier should have a much longer engine bell as it is a vacuum engine. The current size prevents that without breaking every craft design that uses it.
  7. There's no way to do that currently: The mod doesn't store any settings yet. Any help would be appreciated. There are a lot of parts in the game now. Anything with an IVA needs to have colliders added to it so that it can be used without falling through into space. This would be easiest done using a 3D modelling program, but it could also be done by editing the config files with values obtained from the collider part of the GUI. All the parts without IVAs that could have them (e.g. the station hub) would need new IVAs made to be useable.
  8. Yep, that's this mod. It's reached the point where it needs to be recompiled to be compatible with the latest KSP versions. It's not currently working, but nor is it entirely dead. If anyone has any suggestions for sounds to use for the new parts, I'll see if I can get them added. https://freesound.org/ is a great place to look, but I have very little time nowadays.
  9. Hey Pizzaoverhead.

    I have two inquiries, in fact they are both so important that I created an account just for this reason.

    The first: I have tried to install collision fx on ksp 1.4.5(or less likely 1.4.2, I'm in not 100% sure) and I made sure I copied the root folder across not just the gamedata folder but it still didn't work. Do you know what may be the problem?


    The second and more important: I myself can do some basic ksp parts mods but nothing that uses actual scripting and fx. So when I saw a way to improve AVP and even Realism Overhaul to perfection for those that have decent computers. I contacted a maintainer of AVP as the original author abandoned it but he said he wasn't interested. The idea is basic wind/weather and lightning as the main focus. So for example when ur ship enters jools atmosphere the clouds get more and more dense and lightning flash on the horizen and around you becomes more common until your ship gets struck by lightning and gets destroyed or overheats. Another part that I would like to be part of a mod is wind, so that in jool your ship is buffeted around and loose parts will fly off as you fly deeper into the atmosphere. So, in short I want someone to make a mod that adds wind, lightning, rain and maybe even snow and storms. After remembering this mod that is focused on graphical effects I thought you would be the right person to turn to for help considering that you have made the collision fx mod and the rentery effects mod that you would be able to make(hopefully at least the lightning and wind) the mod that would perfect KSP for everyone and will add new challenging things to think about such as your duna rescue ship drifting in the atmosphere or getting lost in a dust storm.


    That's all and I hope you take this up very much!

    Many thanks, Footsiefat.


    Contact: Discord Jeremy_Clarkson_Fan#1772

  10. Yep, I realised I hadn't committed the source the second my head hit the pillow yesterday. The updated source is included in the zip however. It's now available on github too. It should have been available on Curseforge, Spacedock and Github. Huh, looks like Github listed it after the 1.3 release because it was labelled "1.3" instead of "v1.3". I'm limited in time, so I'll be working on whichever seems to be most useful/asked for by the community at the time. No point in updating mods that nobody has used in four years! At the minute, that means trying to get Free IVA to a poin
  11. Sure, why not! New version is now available. It reduces the scale of the plasma trail to something closer to what it used to be.
  12. Wow, amazing photos! I spend all my time editing the mod on the launchpad that I never get to see it in space. That looks great! In the last two pictures, you're seeing the bottom of the outside of the cupola through the glass (the IVA layout can be mind bending...). I think some more shader trickery might get around it. but we'll see Thanks! And thanks for the heads up! Looks like I gave it a title Curseforge didn't like. It should be available in the next few hours.
  13. New update is now available: Added colliders to Mobile Processing Lab. It should now be possible to move around inside this part without floating through the vessel. Added ability to open and close hatches in Mk. 1 spaceplane parts.Can get into different seats in the same part or different parts. Return to seat on leaving IVA view. Fixed Mk. 1 inline cockpit being too narrow to pass through. Still a lot to work to go, but the current goal is to give every part solid walls and openable hatches.
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