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  1. Tomorrow I will be hosting a stream over at my Twitch channel to celebrate and bring in the new year. I have been given a Steam key for a copy of Kerbal Space Program that I will be giving out during the night! Time: 9Pm EST(-5 GMT) (tentative) until ??? Place: PlasticSporks Twitch Channel Be sure to follow me to be notified when the event is live, and also follow me on Twitter (@PlasticSporksLP) so you can stay informed on the give-away. I hope to see you there! Thanks to all the guys at Squad for making this possible! Sporks
  2. I am currently live, doing and endurance flight to the North Pole from KSC! come hang out and keep me motivated
  3. I recently resurrected my Twitch account to start playing KSP again, and I am having a blast. I would like to invite you guys to come and check it out, located here. I have been away from KSP for a while, and I thought what better way to come back after the vast changes and updates I missed than to add mods to a game I don't remember how to play! What could possibly go wrong (or right, for that matter...)? My current schedule is daily starting around 8am EST. It has worked out for me so far, about two weeks in. If you are interested and can make it, I would love to see you in chat! Again, my channel is located here. Thanks for your time! Sporks
  4. I have always enjoyed KSP. I usually went very minimal with mod usage. At most, I had Kerbal Engineer or Kethane, never anything too much. I have played around with part packs in the past, but always seemed to go back to vanilla KSP. That all changed for this Let's Play series. I have added several mods to take my KSP experience a bit further. Come check out what I get myself into! The playlist of the series can be found here:
  5. That wasn't the tug, the tug was still docked to the array at the time. The stage i separated from was just a stage to get to the station. I underestimated the ejection force of the decoupler... and for once it worked out perfectly
  6. I was attempting to rendezvous and dock a solar array module to my new Kerbin station and the strangest thing happened... http://www.twitch.tv/plasticsporks/c/3077944 Now keep in mind, things like this NEVER happen to me
  7. In Episode 7, I discuss the future of the series:
  8. In Episode 6, I launch a mission to dock a crew compartment and space tug to the Kerbin station. (I also remember that I forgot a lot about docking and rendezvous mechanics. :/)
  9. Episode 5 is up, and in this mission we launch the first of the space station cores. This core is destined to be the Kerbal station:
  10. Lol that is awesome, glad to hear it
  11. In episode 4, we send our first brave Kerbal on a mission to Mün:
  12. Episode 3 is live, and we send our first mission to the Mün in preparation for the next mission, a manned mission.
  13. Episode 2 is now live. In this episode, we design, test, and fly a mission to try and mine our first batch of Kethane.
  14. Hey guys, I'm PlasticSporks, and I've been making KSP videos for a while and posting them to YouTube. I recently dusted off my series for season 3. In this season, I started using the Kethane mod pack to expand the goals of 'Sporks in Space.' Join in and let me know how I am doing, and give advice on how to improve my space program! Also, you can find my Youtube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/PlasticSp0rks I have a decent amount of KSP content as well as other types of games.
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