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  1. Hello, fellow Kerbolnauts, I am here to share my experience with KSP. (Based on a video of TB that I got me thinking) I jumped into the game on 0.15 if I remember correctly, and on my first maybe 6 months of playing and updating, I used to get very exited about every update, and I played it every day, at least 2 hours, and on weekends a lot more… But now, after all this time, (more than 1 year) I play KSP once every month … I still enjoy it, and I still believe this is a great game… But I just cant play it like I used to, because I played it a lot back on the days… I thought career mode will have a positive effect on me, and will make me want to play more.. but It did not … Another thing that has kept me away from KSP, is its performance… at 0.15 I thought… well this is Alpha, they will fix this stupid-game-braking lag… but after a year I realized .. Maybe they CANT fix this lag. And I won’t detail why is it that they can’t fix the lag. But its around and a known fact that Unity sucks for KSP. Don’t get me wrong, they have improved performance a lot since 0.15, but I will never be able to build my crazy 5k part mother ship and play with it.. So now, I keep an eye on updates, and considered myself a fan of KSP, its just that now Im down to earth, and instead of hoping for It to be the game that I want it to be… I just watch as the developers take it on its path. Maybe 3 years from we will have KSP 1.0 with multilayer… and maybe they Even change the engine, and make it possible to build crazy big crafts, or on the other hand, having a part cap, so you could always have a constant FPS… (having that type of FPS drops on a “finished game†will be just BAD) .. even then .. will I come back to play a 5 year old game? Probably not.. So basically, getting early access to a game its not always a good thing… We can support the devs, we can suggest things and have the hope that they may be implemented… but if you ask me … I would rather have a fully develop and functional KSP to play like a mad man until I totally exhaust my KSP enjoyment , instead of exhausting it with so many frustrations because of the alpha state on the way. Now the game is on STEAM early access, more people play it… and will exhaust it before its 1.0, so when 1.0 with multiplayer comes, a big chunk of the community will already be gone. I don’t regret helping KSP on its early days, If we had not support them, they will not be here , and maybe there would not be KSP at all… but I do feel a bit of sorrow knowing that the game keeps getting better.. but I just don’t enjoy it anymore.
  2. Hello!!, I just wanted to share this. since I am a SC2 player, im subscribed to Day9, and he has a "day-off" series were he plays other games, now he played KSP
  3. the goo report on Duna says something like: "its getting red like de planet below" not the exact test, but the idea
  4. there is going to be debate about the tech tree, and it will most likley change a bit on the future, but anyways its super fun to do sience to unlock things
  5. Are people still asking for flags? are people still making them? hum .. could somebody make a flag out of my signature? EDIT: wait what happend to my signature.. oh well wille I set the sig again here is a pic in a not sig format done by some awsome forum artist wich name i have allredy forgoten
  6. I had not use the patcher becouse in the past it did not work very well.. but it makes a lot of sense only downloading the updates, not the whole thing again.. is this version patcher working properly now?
  7. Lol I did not think of the Kraken when I saw it, but it makes a lot of sense ... The Kraken is Kerbin made!!
  8. wow, fast responses, TY, Well I had to download 3 times on the store because of corrupted file due to incomplete download, and accessing the website was a good 15 minutes of refreshing and getting errors. So I think for the next update I will use Steam... If I could only cheat it to show my many many hours on the game
  9. Hello, So with the new .22 update, we crash the KSP store again and its been a pain to download, as every other update so IM not surprised. For you using steam? How does the update went? Is it fast? Is it smooth? Does it crashes? I hate steam, because I am a poor man with no games but free to play games... So I have not updated KSP to steam, but maybe I will if updates are less a pain.
  10. I think that is wrong... I monetize my SC2 videos.. and lot of people make a living with lets plays and other videogame thingys..
  11. you are EMO.... And you may want to wait until 00:00 on Mexico .. In about 2 hours, and after that you my want to wait until its business hours for them to release