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  1. It gets to the ion engine, and freezes. I am running windows 7 64 bit, and 64bit KSP. There is no crash log because, it's not crashing..
  2. Well... Very interesting replies.
  3. In 'Kerbal Science' (video linked below) How does the scientists glasses stay on?!
  4. A challenger has appeared. BRING IT, GUY!
  5. Well, seeing as no one has anything to say about my amazing animating skills, here's a still render i did. It was made for imgur, but they decided that it wasn't worth more than -5 points...
  6. then... Can I have street map for cities? And, about how high of buildings will these be?
  7. KERBTREK HAS SAVED THE THREAD! Praise kerbtrek! I knew this old render would come in handy!
  8. Well, time to boot up blender. I just got an idea. On an unrelated note. How would you like to see your cities rendered in 3D?
  9. Well, i'm sorry i let this thread somewhat die, i had to go across america for a family emergency. Might be another 2-8 weeks before I get on my own computer.
  10. I asked imgur for help one what to animate. I was not disappointed. Feel free to pause it if you need to read things.
  11. SCP containment breach. Super relaxing, and super fun. Make sure you play in a dark room, and headphones on max for full relaxing effect.
  12. Well. that or remorse of what he had done... I'll leave that part up to you to decide. (it had to be super serious looking to grab people's attention) Oh, here's a quick explosion effect test i did. PS: sorry for potato quality, but cycles takes FOREVER to render compared to BI. Oh, and the tutorial i watched is here.
  13. Well, I've tried reviving this thread some something silly, I've tried with WIP shots. Only leaves me with 1 option. Sad. Think about what is being portrayed in this image. EDIT: as a few imgurians pointed out, it's hard to see what's happening. so here's a re-rendered, lighten version.
  14. Well, i got fire to work in cycles! so i figured i'd might have some fun with it. Yes, i spent 5 days making that city scene, for that 1 shot.
  15. So... How did you do that? I'd like to try and cut down on my render times, and still make nice renders.
  16. That's very nice, rareden. Let's go put that on the fridge with the others. Anyway, i have a little project/contest idea for you guys, to try and bring activity to this thread. Other than the trucks you see at the space center, what kinds of cars would kerbals drive? Bonus points of you make a model, and show it.
  17. Well, time to revive the thread... again. Seriously guys, stop letting it die, i'm going to be busy for the next 2 weeks. Some fancy posing with the guy i blockified...
  18. So i found out Blender can block-ify meshes. BEFORE: AFTER: Also, yes. i'm building that in MC.
  19. GUESS WHO'S BACK? Not me... still... Mouse-wheel... BUT GUESS WHO'S IN CYCLES!
  20. Oh, if you have the armatures set to the object already, go into weight paint mode to add in the area that's not moving to that bone. so in short. Select the mesh hit [sHIFT]+[TAB] Set the brush type to "add" select the bone that you want to move that section of mesh Paint in the verts you want to move.
  21. Well, seeing as I shot down your Creativity. Here's a tutorial on how to do that (that i made for you) Make sure you watch with annotations on. because that's how I show you what's what. and yes, my mousewheel can still register middle clicks, just not scrolling (making it a pain in the rectum to work in blender) EDIT: and yes, you can use the Kerb-vision brand TV.
  22. Hey! That's the brand TV my kerbals use! (however the logo is wrong) see?
  23. Hey guys. Glad to see this thread is still alive. I've got some bad news. My mouse-wheel broke, and i am unable to blender. so i'll be out of service for a few days, until i get a new one.
  24. That looks amazing! but i think this post goes in "spacecraft exchange"
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