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  1. Ahhh Newtons first law, the devil of every big craft.
  2. If your gonna use a vector, just go mammoth, it's better. To be fair i was also thinking upper stage on a 2 stage design, where you'll ignite low enough down you need good low altitude efficiency, but will be spending enough time high the good upper efficiency is desirable.
  3. If you have auto strut on you shouldn't be seeing such issues, or is this an old version of KSP?
  4. I'd say EVE missions the ISP curve is the best of any engine AFAIK, so it will lose much less thrust low down.
  5. It's still got some solid properties, it's just unless you flat need that ISP curve the part count of using it in numbers sufficient for major payloads is too high even with the performance improvements.
  6. The SSME which NASA looks to be using for the next who knows how long uses the same setup too i think.
  7. In emergencies troops have supposedly used it for fire fuel, the stuff is incredibly stable. Also i'm aware of the technical difference, i just simplified the point. Namely that rocket engines are all about controlling how the energy is released. Incidentally, maybe i'm off base but i though MH was a liquid metal like mercury, (the element, not the planet space heads).
  8. Exactly. As far as exploding, technically with the right engine design you could use little pellets of C4 as fuel if you wanted. It wouldn't be worth it to do so, but you could. A rocket is really a controlled explosion on the most basic level. Big balls of debris and shrapnel and flame are what happens when the explosion becomes uncontrolled.
  9. 1.41 on eve @ 7.5km Also thanks will have to look into hyper edit.
  10. Got 4.168kps of dv using that configuration. (on eve surface at 7.5km altitude). p.s you don't have a tutorial on how to place stuff on that mountaintop with the debug menu do you? That menu confuses me.
  11. Sweet, any chance of a craft file? Would like to drop MJ on it and find out how much dv it had, (i could hand calculate it but i don't recognise one of the nosecones so, uh, yeah). EDIT: Managed to rebuild it in Sandbox, (i think), MJ says 5kps of dv.
  12. Who's a cute lizard. *tickle, tickle* Use the labs onboard level crew function, getting them to out there should have earned them some nice xp.
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