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  1. Well, I know I've said it before, but I found the culprit--and unfortunately, it's one of yours. Sort of. Docking Camera Kurs. At least for me, Docking Camera Kurs + Click Through Blocker causes kerbalnaut rendering issues. At least, I'm surprised...aside from the fact that Click Through Blocker is a requirement for Docking Camera Kurs, I would've guessed it was Distant Object rendering, Easy Vehicle Switching, or any number of other things. At the very least, it is a graphical mod and not a part mod. That was about an hour and a half well-spent. It's late, but I do want to check if mayb
  2. Maybe. I completely removed Spectra, so I can rule that out as culprit. Probably more sane to remove them five or so at a time in my case. Some further observations: Let's say I have a Mk1-3 cockpit with Pilot, Scientist, and Engineer. If Pilot EVAs, his model is correctly rendered (and the outline will be visible through the ship, but not his whole model). If you switch to Scientist, both normal and inside views, Pilot is now bugged with the issue. If you switch back to Pilot, the issue goes away. So there's some consistency here.
  3. So, I tried reinstalling from CKAN just to rule that out--unfortunately, while the problem didn't appear initially, switching between EVA and IVA views seemed to trigger it. So a one-man ship with a single Kerbal sitting outside of it didn't cause an issue, but a three-man ship with a Kerbal hanging on the ladder did...once I switched to an IVA view. So something about the shifting views is presumably triggering it. If it's a conflict, I would assume it's a graphical mod responsible. I'm using the Spectra Visual Compilation, with quite a few parts, but I don't see anything in the thread
  4. Vessel View--that's the mod I'm using it for. Hopefully I can figure out the conflict.
  5. Thank you! Someone finally takes a crack at the neglected KV and Mk2 command pods! I gave this a download last night and unfortunately it caused a crash on loading, but I'm definitely going to try again.
  6. 1.7.3, with all the DLC. I installed Click Through Blocker, naturally, on recommendation of another mod...which embarrassingly, I don't remember exactly which one. I initially thought it was an IVA mod problem, but seeing the same effect outdoors (and across saves and careers) cleared that up.
  7. I ran into a strange issue that you might find interesting: this mod, specifically* causes kerbonauts to appear through ship/IVA geometry. So, if you send a kerbal on an EVA, and switch back to the ship's exterior or interior views, the floating Kerbal will be visible through not just windows, but any sort of geometry that might be in the way. Useful for tracking, but definitely a graphical glitch. *Specifically in the sense that it's probably the outcome of a conflict with another mod. That being said, I was removing likely culprits (roughly a third of my mod folder at the time), and th
  8. I've noted the same. It's really not an issue (and it only matters, for me, "on the way" to SDHI anyway), and you can get around it but it's nice to see other people noticing too.
  9. Oh, thank you. I don't know how I missed that as a requirement (to be honest, I'm surprised I don't recognize the name, I thought I knew most of the old asset mods and this sort of thing). Thanks, I will give that a try. EDIT: Unfortunately, I still have the same menu problem, so that didn't change. Still, at least I have the correct prerequisite. There's probably still a conflict with another mod, as I originally suspected. EDIT EDIT: Magicore wasn't updated! The menu shows up now, hurrah!
  10. Oh, that certainly makes sense! I have Simplex-Kerbalism installed. I'm in career mode, and so far it seems nonfunctional--probably something in my Kerbalism settings, but that's neither here nor there. Thank you!
  11. At the risk of embarrassing myself: does "configure unmanned experiments" in the VAB do anything? I don't think I've run into that part option with any other mod, and I can't find any mention of it. It doesn't seem to bring up any windows or change anything on the part in question, and it only appears in VAB on the various unmanned probes. Do I just have something broken on my end?
  12. Just in case, I updated everything to 1.7.3 with the added DLC--no change (the grey bar just shows up as before). So I can rule that out.
  13. Ah, understood. This should be accessible: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ah5pbj-ZvUZajrsyLCndKa2tF9-RcA?e=jKc2fu I'm grateful you're looking at it, I've been a fan of your work going to IFILS, and I'm definitely reliant on them. I guess I should check Blizzybar too given the UI options. EDIT: If you need it on another file host, just let me know.
  14. Oh, thanks. I was hoping it might be something that sounded immediately familiar, but I guess not. Do you need the whole log file, or just a specific part? I'll need to generate a new one since my last one was without the mod installed.
  15. Newcomer to KCT here: is anyone else encountering an issue where the button shows up on the default Toolbar (I'm running at 4K, so I tend to avoid Blizzy's smaller toolbar where I can)....but clicking it simply causes a function-less grey bar to appear in the corner? Likewise, the blue button shows up in the VAB, but you still can't go through the initial configuration process (I installed this into a save around 80 days into the first career year). I assume I have some other mod that's conflicting with it (though what, I can't say). So this is entirely my fault, but maybe someone e
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