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  1. Rapid deployment/testing is a huge efficiency multiplier! With this and the autopilor lander, you are on fire Kramer! Great job!
  2. There is a limit on the number of lights (maybe only spotlights) that can be rendered by the engine in the same scene.
  3. I am a card carrying TAC user hell yeah and it is by far the best LS mod. Simply because food and water and oxygen are very different things. When you think of life support you are thinking of packing enough on your mission so that they will last until your kerbals get back, and for that of course USI Life Support pretty good. But when you consider creating a permanent colony somewhere with USI Kolonization and have to start thinking the production cycles for water food and oxygen, that's when TACLS really shines and "supplies" turns out to mean nothing.
  4. Is there a way to make this mod account for airbrakes? I've been doing a lot of laythe landings and I found that Trajectories is pretty accurate if I don't deploy airbrakes, but if I do deploy them they are not taken into account. I've fidgeted with the prograde/retrograde setting with the airbrakes deployed but it still didn't seem to take them into account. Airbrakes is how I reentry things that are not round. Many thanks for this awesome plugin.
  5. I'm getting a lot of display artifacts, starting at around 8km and continuously going up. http://imgur.com/MDGqQY5 Linux 64, with or without scatterer (screenshot is without). - - - Updated - - - Also water is too transparent? http://i.imgur.com/Lvf30OV.jpg
  6. Why would anyone be using this mod if they wanted a 90% science reward cut??
  7. Is this the EVE that is on CKAN for current KSP?
  8. At the start of a new career I use the transfer window planner to add alarms for every transfer window. Then I do mun/minmus missions until the first one comes up. It doesn't take a whole lot of science to pay for the mission and more.
  9. This mod is awesome and it seems to be the only one properly using RPM features. I know this may be annoying, but since nobody has done anything comparable to this capsule, would you consider making a cockpit-ish alternative, where the pilot faces the main direction of ship movement? I know there are cockpits with RPM iva's, but nothing that compares to ALCOR. Thanks.
  10. Love this mod! My space program is planned around transfer windows, just as it should be.