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  1. I've also encountered a bug where sometimes the camera gets locked outside the spacecraft and wont respond to any inputs any further ( - and = prompt the text above, but wont switch between cameras; the Backspace reset (which I've remapped to \ ) wont reset, and switching camera modes also wont do anything. I'm not entirely sure what is causing this. I do have quite a few cameras on my spacecraft and most of the time, I can switch between them just fine but then randomly my camera will lock up. Has anyone else had this issue?
  2. Is there a way to disable the effect on certain planets only? I'm getting a lot of flickering with EVE's city lighting/textures. I wouldn't mind turning this mod off on just Kerbin.
  3. I'm having this glitch with Physics Range Extender where the camera view's clipping distance glitches the further away I get from the ground. Here it is when normal: A few km up: Another, at the launch pad: And a few km up: And it returns to normal as soon as I exit the physics range. Is this a known issue? Is there a fix for it? PRE's "camera fix" option didn't seem to help.
  4. Oh! That's different, but it works. Thanks!
  5. I can't seem to able to launch from any of the new pads, any idea what may be going on? I'm on 1.12. I can't select them in the space center view, and they don't show up under the 'launch' list in the VAB.
  6. In TundraExploration\Patches\RO, open D2_RO.cfg. Under @MODULE[ModuleEngines*] add"%throttleResponseRate = 100000" (without the quotation marks). I pasted mine in between ignition threshold and minthrust.
  7. It might just be a deliberate stylistic choice. But with KSP having drifted to a slightly more realistic, industrialized style with its parts over the years, the panels certainly look a tad outdated now, and I too would love black/reflective ones, especially on Dragon.
  8. How do I get scatterer to work with RSS on 1.7.3? I copied the config listed on it's page and followed the instructions, but it doesn't work in game and the ocean's all gone.
  9. Is this still compatible with RSS on 1.7.3? I copied the config and followed the instructions, but it doesn't work in game and the ocean's all gone.
  10. Hi, does the RO patch also allow this mod to work with RSS on KSP 1.7.3? EDIT: I tried it out real quick. It seems to work fine but I'm not sure if the values are proper for RSS. Would still like to know if the RO patch is compatible with it. However the craft files are completely messed up, and some attachment nodes are out of place. I have to manually rebuild the rocket and move parts that are attached incorrectly.
  11. I see there are configs for KK's SpaceX pack included in RO, but they don't seem to do anything to the parts in-game? Do I have to move those configs somewhere else for it to work?
  12. I might keep two separate installations; one with and the other without RO. I will admit I do like the staggered and limited ignition for engines, as well as specifying the amount of and what type of fuel you want tanks to hold. However, there are so many added parts that building a rocket from scratch is extremely tedious. I used CKAN, so I installed a couple of extra mods just for the heck of it. Should I just stick to stock parts and the RSB mod?
  13. Ahh I see. I kept reading about scaled up boosters here and there, I didn't think of that. I thought it was as simple as increasing the fuel by a certain amount, haha. I installed RO earlier just to see what all the fuss was about and holy... People weren't joking when they said the learning curve was much steeper than the stock game. I still can't even reach orbit, and often times my rocket just loses control and explodes. I'm no master at the stock game, but I wasn't expecting this level of complexity. It's frustrating yet exciting at the same time. Though a little too daunting still. I might just stick to RSB or the Simple RSS patch if it's as easygoing as it sounds.
  14. Would I have to install SMURFF and those 2 configs? I've tried out SMURFF already but something just seems off; or getting to orbit is really that much harder in RSS. Rockets seem stupidly overpowered but still run out of fuel too quickly to get anywhere close to orbit. Not even the KerbalX is able to (or should I be building bigger rockets myself?). I'd just like a similar experience to stock while playing in RSS.
  15. I started playing KSP because of Kurt as well xD I had already seen videos of it before...but didn't really think it was that fun until i started watching his series
  16. Hey Nova, just wanted to know...In the screenshots that you posted of the mission with the probodobodyne mod, what mod did you use to cover up the satelite itself (the orange cone) along with the 'capsule' underneath it? Just wanted to know...thanks ^^
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