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  1. I was thinking it'd be akin to workers flying over part-time to perform maintenance, fix busted machinery, etc. Similar to how they do maintenance on offshore wind farms or other remote installations here on earth. Doesn't seem ridiculous, although there'd probably have to be some exchange rate (e.g. only 50% efficiency when moving them this way)
  2. Looks like you can ship resources like FFT LqdHe3 but you need to go into WOLF.cfg and add them as harvestable resources. There might be a way to do this as a MM patch, but I'm not sure.
  3. Is there a way to use WOLF transport credits to move CRP resources around (e.g. Antimatter, Spodumene, or LqdHe3) even if those resources aren't used in any of the WOLF conversions? Also, relatedly: is it possible to move EngineerPoints, FarmerPoints, etc around in addition to resources? I'm planning out my WOLFy infrastructure in career mode and haven't been able to test yet.
  4. So I've figured out the problem: I wrote a simple module manager config to add WOLF scanners to the Experiment Control Stations (I wanted to be able to rescan places where I've landed and done a scan before the WOLF update without actually visiting) The original scanner seems to be working fine, but a deployed core 20m away is showing the wrong biome: Here's the MM patch I'm using - I know this is a non-standard use case, but is there anything obviously wrong with what I'm doing? @PART[DeployedCentralStation]:NEEDS[UmbraSpaceIndustries] { @tags = #$tags$ cck-usi-wol
  5. Question: Are WOLF biomes different from regular biomes? I ask because I have a couple WOLF survey devices scattered about the Mun and they all say WOLF Biome: Mun even though they're in different actual biomes (Midlands Craters, Midlands, Lowlands, etc)
  6. How are the conversion rates between various resources determined? I'm currently converting Water into LH2/Ox using the Rational Resources patch for the stock Convert-O-Tron and the output has something like 20% of the mass of the input, which doesn't seem right - this should be a pretty efficient reaction.
  7. I think you have to go into the TUFX settings and select a config - it didn't automatically pick Astronomer's for me.
  8. Hello all - what mods are you all using for ISRU for this? I have grand plans to build a hopper that converts hydrates or water from the CRP into LH2, but am realizing that none of my drill/converter mods seem to do the things I need.
  9. Hello all - what mods are you all using for ISRU for this? I have grand plans to build a hopper that converts hydrates or water from the CRP into LH2, but am realizing that none of my drill/converter mods seem to do the things I need.
  10. Ok, this is what I imagined as well. My current plan is to set up a bunch of WOLFy infrastructure to supply my orbital shipyard and science depot with supplies, fuel, material kits, and other finished goods, but basically no raw materials.
  11. With all the new WOLF parts, is there any good reason to use all the older resource converters, drills, etc? I'm struggling to see a use case that isn't wholly replaced - just build your entire backend logistics via WOLF and use hoppers for life support, fuel, and building materials.
  12. Hello all - I have a question: I'm getting back into KSP after a while, and I've installed Astronomers+Textures+Scatterer+EVE via CKAN with pretty much default settings and I think something might be broken - it doesn't appear that the configs from the Astronomer's pack are getting picked up correctly. For example, when I go to look at the scatterer settings while orbiting Kerbin, it looks like it's pulling the Laythe atmo.cfg from the default configs for scatterer - not any of the new ones from the Astronomer's pack. I've tried deleting the default configs but then things seem to br
  13. Whenever I try to download something through the browser I get errors. Here is the log: See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box. ************** Exception Text ************** System.ArgumentException: Illegal characters in path. at System.IO.Path.CheckInvalidPathChars(String path, Boolean checkAdditional) at System.Security.Permissions.FileIOPermission.CheckIllegalCharacters(String[] str) at System.Security.Permissions.FileIOPermission.AddPathList(FileIOPermissionAccess access, AccessControlActions control, String[
  14. Glad to see you guys back. I'm glad you didn't let the words of a few entitled morons scare you away from this community. Can't wait to test these out, this is by far my favorite parts pack.
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