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  1. I play with a lot of mods and to be honest I have very rarely encountered the kraken(in any shape of form). The funny thing is when I close the game( after a long session) and the game crash when exiting and I get a message saying KSP stopped working
  2. Jon Tash

    Most Frustrating Things in KSP

    I see a lot of things in this tread that I agree on. But for me the most important is the loading time when you launch KSP, 13 minutes for 112 mods(60 normal size mods, the rest just bits and bobs). Sometimes the loading time stops me from playing at all because I don't want to wait so long to get in the game. And the FPS, I got a good PC and this game is the worst I have FPS wise. I do build big things though
  3. Jon Tash

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Now I want to build a rover and just drive endlessly on the Mun(or Minmus)
  4. Jon Tash

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Here is my space station KSST-Konstructor I capable of building stuff in orbit of Kerbin if it has the ressources. I decided to move the orbit and be farther away from Kerbin, for the moment only at 500km or so. KSST-Konstructor I
  5. Jon Tash

    What did you do in KSP today?

    So today I did another flight test of the KSSP-Aeronaut I, my space place capable of orbit but instead of using the amazing Dark Matter Engines I put some Aerospikes to see how it handle. I still need to work the fact that it's not very stable to fly in high altitude and very good in low altitude when the fuel is low. KSSP-Aeronaut I Also added more tanks to the Alpha Station around Kerbin to be able to build bigger things with more RocketParts. KSST-Alpha Station And here is a view from inside the KSST-Konstructor I, a space station designed specifically to build things in orbit of Kerbin(for the moment). More to come in the future... Bill and tourists Oh yeah I'm having a bunch of tourist doing a space camp on that station. This is Bill and two other tourists.
  6. Jon Tash

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Remember the lander that was mining on Minmus(on the last page), well I forgot to put RCS on it to dock to my space station on Kerbin. So I'm taking it back home... It only has 450 units of ore in it. USM-Excavator back home
  7. Jon Tash

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Landed right next to my rover on Minmus and started to mine ore. USM-Excavator I and USR-Muller I
  8. Jon Tash

    What did you do in KSP today?

    KSST-Alpha Station Continuing my work on the space station of Kerbin. Added the construction module at the bottom and some solar panels. Also I build and tested this big(compared to my usual planes this one is huge) space plane. It's way too expensive for my budget at the moment so I'm keeping it in the SPH. KSSP-Aeronaut I
  9. Jon Tash

    What did you do in KSP today?

    KSST - Alpha Station Started building this space station. Still a long way before it's finished. At the moment there is only 4 residents giving me science points.
  10. Jon Tash

    How long does your game take to load?

    Last time I checked it was 5 min,43 sec with a little over 45 mods and my own customization parts/modules. EDIT: Oh boy... necro alert.
  11. Jon Tash

    What is the version of KSP you owned when...

    I saw the game when it was at 0.7.3. I first played the game at 0.8 with my new portable computer (today this same computer is barely able to play the game). Since then I have done almost everything you can possibly do in the game as the updates progressed. I don't play anymore because I hardly have time but I'm still reading and lurking the forums everyday.
  12. Jon Tash

    4 years of KSP!

    Happy birthday! Four years already, time flies too fast...
  13. Jon Tash

    KSP Version 0.9

    Back then, struts were life savers, I remember those wobbly rockets flying around without struts. A real nightmare but explosively fun! It's amazing that a single part can make a huge difference in how you play.
  14. Jon Tash

    Which continent do you live in?

    Nice, totally forgot about this reference, haha.
  15. Jon Tash

    Which continent do you live in?

    Belgium - Europe