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  1. How long does your game take to load?

    Last time I checked it was 5 min,43 sec with a little over 45 mods and my own customization parts/modules. EDIT: Oh boy... necro alert.
  2. What is the version of KSP you owned when...

    I saw the game when it was at 0.7.3. I first played the game at 0.8 with my new portable computer (today this same computer is barely able to play the game). Since then I have done almost everything you can possibly do in the game as the updates progressed. I don't play anymore because I hardly have time but I'm still reading and lurking the forums everyday.
  3. 4 years of KSP!

    Happy birthday! Four years already, time flies too fast...
  4. KSP Version 0.9

    Back then, struts were life savers, I remember those wobbly rockets flying around without struts. A real nightmare but explosively fun! It's amazing that a single part can make a huge difference in how you play.
  5. Which continent do you live in?

    Nice, totally forgot about this reference, haha.
  6. Which continent do you live in?

    Belgium - Europe
  7. What FPS Does KSP Run For You?

    About 20 or so, sometimes even less. Interesting enough I loose some FPS at every new update and I can use less and less parts too. I guess it's just because I'm using the same PC since I started playing KSP.
  8. What is your part limit?

    The most I got from KSP was a space station with 267 parts plus two ships docked (with 30 to 50 parts each). FPS was really low, barely unplayable. Another thing that drop FPS is the number of active vessels. I remember that I had one time more than 50 active vessel in the Kerbol System and it was also unplayable. That is, I'm using the same laptop that I bought back in the day of the 0.8 version of the game. Now I have to worry about overheating my computer.
  9. How many Stages do you use?

    I usually go for: Stage 1 is where the main engine goes and possible SRBs. Mainly to launch me off the ground. Stage 2 is still the main engine but without the SRBs, from there I can make it to orbit, if I don't then stage 3. Stage 3 is smaller engine to orbit and circularisation and enough fuel to rendez-vous or go to Mun or Minmus. In some cases this stage is also use to get me interplanetary. Stage 4 is the payload (satellite/lander/whatever) and depending of the mission is also the return vehicle (I don't like the 2 stages lander designs). I rarely go beyond 4 stages. And the stage 3 is optional in some cases. I don't worry too much for debris because I let the option to zero debris allowed. My debris (if I kept them) would be mainly SRBs and fairings.
  10. I wonder if the parts that Novasilisko made a long time ago will be used for the New Resources system.
  11. Failed projects that never took off?

    About 80% of all the project/crafts that I build are never used in actual missions. That's because I like to experiment, I like to build stuff and let my imagination take over me. Most of those 80% are VTOLs and SSTOs (spaceplane and rockets). And I got to say, I build really a lot of crafts, that's what keep me into this game.
  12. That would be an ideal future update if we were in a perfect world. Unfortunately I don't think Harvester will change his mind in the scale of the Kerbol System. But I really like your idea!
  13. EVA still an issue?

    I lost quite a few solar panels that way. Clicked on the EVA button and saw my kerbal being ejected rapidly from the pod and hitting stuff on the way. It happens a lot when you are landed (like on the Mun) and the kerbal don't grab the ladder when exiting the pod.
  14. You probably are looking for this : Vanguard Technologies - EVA parachutes
  15. I don't have this problem either. Is your landing gears aligned correctly? Are you using SAS, if so how much is your maximum torque value? Is your landing gears to much behind the center of mass? It would be best if you showed to us with a screenshot.