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  1. And ksp 1.3 just released....
  2. Hmm I might give that a try. But just to be sure. If I install most mods from the first page (KW, near future, fasa, etc) via ckan and then add the 10x on top of it, all engines should then be properly configured for the 10x scale? no extra configs or anything needed?
  3. I've been looking at realism overhaul for a few years but never tried it because of ram issues and problems with mod compatibility. Now that ksp 64bit is out I want to give it a shot. But there is one thing I'm not quite certain about. I want to stick with the kerbal system and not install real solar system, and I'm wondering if I still need any stock configs for the engines? Ckan doesn't mention rss or any configs during the realism overhaul install.
  4. Say is there a manual or something about what all the buttons do? I figured out about a third of them but allot of them seem to do nothing. Like that giant panel of buttons to the left of the pilot, or the envir.control, or that radio looking panel to the right of the pilot...
  5. Say I haven't sift trough all 78 pages to see if anyone asked this before, but is there a way to put crafts back into storage? like a ssto put it in the hangar and refuel it instead of completely pulling it apart and back together with a long construction time.
  6. Can't wait for the next update. I'm getting a bit annoyed that all the mods that rely on empty tanks, get filled up at launch thanks to this mod (its kind of cheating) But other than that I really like this mod, makes it all feel a bit more real. And it gives tac life support a bit more use because now I really need to plan missions so that I don't kill them all because they ran out of air.
  7. 20000 views bump Yay
  8. Right been having 120% fun over the last week and its about time I answer some questions. If I may ask. Why is he naked? And as I said in the making of portion. I was new to character rigging and I looked up a tutorial for it. My kerbal rig is based of of this one Its a multi part tutorial that covers every step of the rigging process in a very clear and detailed manner. I looked at some more of his video's and I can really suggest watching them. I must say that I really laughed at the final part in which he said: now your rig is complete and you can give it to the animator. And off course best of luck with your own project. Thanks for the advise. I'll look in to it. Its totally fine. Although as a side note, some of the later renders are 720 instead of 1080 to save rendertime. Its standard mental ray with mr sun/sky. I did not have the time to research on vray so I took the method that I had experience with. Exelent you can pray to me at one of my fine churches. (PS. I would like to clarify that the name MCWopper is not based of the burger king burger Whopper. Nor am I an Irish italian(thanks urban dictionary) I made up the name because its a shorter version of my real name that friends and relatives started to use. The MC part was added because it sounded nice. Also why are you still reading this?) The flag was quite easy to create because its a simple cloth modifier. although it took some time to get it to behave correctly(it had a tendency to divide by 0). Alright its 3.40 am. youtube comments can wait till tomorrow.
  9. I've added the sketchfab models to the main page. The textures are bugging out and some of the thumbnails don't work. I've spent a few hours trying to fix it but I gave up.
  10. Yes I am still alive. Its just that the project was allot of work, the holiday just started and I bought myself a Hotas Warthog joystick as a reward. Because of that I spent the last week on playing anything that works with the thing. like: KSP, DCS warthog, DCS p51, DCS blackshark, Rise of flight, mechwarrior online, il2 1946, il2 clifs of dover, more ksp, battlefield 3, x3, freelancer, starsector, war thunder, more ksp, train simulator, planetside 2, miner wars, lunar flight, arma, farming sim 2013.(kind of ran out of ideas at the end... anyway every time I checked here to see what happening I realize its 3 am and I really should go to bed.
  11. not sure. I am working on adding sketchfarm preview models to this page. however I'm having problems with textures loading.
  12. I have created a Full 3D animation to promote Kerbal Space Program. Sketchfab models.(the textures are being buggy and I could not find a way to fix it. And for some reason some of the thumbnails don't work ether. sorry about that) The making off: This animation was made using: 3ds max After effects Premiere pro Photoshop Kerbal Space Program Paint The story: I am an student in 3D modeling and animation. I started this project in the last 2 months of my internship as there weren't any new assignments coming until August. Because of this I suggested that I would create a personal project whiles still following the companies procedures. Although at first my boss was a bit skeptical as he didn't think there was enough time to finish it. That however did not hold me back, and I started immediately. Because I'm a 3D modeler and animator, I did not want to import the ingame models as that would kind of defeat the point. Instead I used the game as a reverence on a second monitor as I modeled every part present in the animation. I also created the kerbal engineer to be the character in this animation. The following is a day by day breakdown of the production process. Day 1(May 13) I spent most of my time creating the rocket in ksp so that I had a base to work from. The design is based on the kerbal x. It has been adjusted to have a bit more part variation and make it more appealing to the eye. I also started modeling the rocket. Day 2(May 14) I continued modeling the rocket and made some early renders of what i had completed. The only parts missing are the landing gear, mainsail engine, ladders, launch stabilizers and the winglets. Day 3(May 15) I finished off the rocket and started work on the launchpad. and here a comparison between game and model. Day 4(May 16) It was a bit of a slow day, I only slept for 3 hours so productivity was sort of low. Anyway today I finished the launchpad by adding the pipes, roads, fuel tower, fuel sphere, fuel cylinders and the flag. Day 5(May 17) Started working on the space plane hanger. But I went home early because the piece of **** computer at work could not handle it anymore. however I did managed to make some progress. Day 6 and 7(May 18 May 19) Day 8(May 20) I put the finishing touching on on the space plane hanger. To make it all pretty like Day 9(May 21) Stared and completed the outside of the Vehicle assembly building. Day 10(May 22) Moddeled the inside of the Vehicle assembly building. and also added the lighting to the scene. Day 11(May 23) Did a render test to see how long the render would take. Panic was the only course of action as the render time would take a week longer then expected. To ensure that I could finish on time I increased my work time from 8 hours a day to 15 hours a day for the rest of the animation process. This day was also texturing day. I managed to finish the launchpad, environment, spaceplane hanger and the vehicle assembly building. Day 12(May 24) Today I created all the texturing for the rocket. I also made a collection of the textures of every part in the dropbox link below.(there are like 40 images in there) Day 13(May 25) So today it was time for character animation. And this was a whole new subject that I had 0 experience in. And it did not go so well at first. I started with the head and version 5 finally satisfied me. I also started on the body. Day 14(May 26) Finished of the character and also added the bone structure. Day 15(May 27) Being new to the rigging and skinning of characters. The process took a bit longer then expected. However I did managed to get it all working correctly. Day 16(May 28) First day of animation. Because of procedure I had to wait for the models to be approved before I could animate. However the character was already approved so I started creating a walk cycle. I also designed the blueprints to be used in the animation. Day 17(May 29) Continued to animate and also rendered out some shots that would not be visible in the final animation. Day 18(May 30) I made some small adjustments to the animation and started rendering. For the render I used my own home pc(I7 3770k, 2way-sli gtx 670, 16gb ram) and the 4 render pc we have at work for smaller projects (normally we hire a render farm but because its a non profit project the full render farm was a no go.) and I used the computer at which I work on at work. I also started editing a lo res version so that I could replace the hd version and be done. Day ???(June 16) The render was done and I replaced the low res footage with the hd version and made some small adjustments. Today the animation was done. I hope you have enjoyed the read and I would love to hear what you think