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  1. Vespasianus

    EVA performed in versions prior to 0.16?

    Those are pictures from Harvester's dev blag (yes, blag. Not blog
  2. Vespasianus

    Hi guys

    Welcome to the forums, and Happy explosions! Still feels a bit weird to not see old Capt'n Skunky say that (old forum manager, if anyone was wondering).
  3. Vespasianus

    How'd you hear 'bout KSP?

    I can't remember anymore... I think it was in the good ol' summer of 1969... No, really, I think I found it by searching for "space games like Orbiter but easier" or something like that. Not sure though
  4. Vespasianus

    Kerbal Kommunity Meetup at GDC - Wednesday March 19

    Actually, Shuttle, I don't think anyone noticed. I certainly didn't Anyway, Sweden might be a bit too far from San Fransisco, and there's that tiny obstacle called the Atlantic, so...
  5. It's always hard for me to visit old versions of a game... KSP has truly come a long way from when I discovered it, and just as with Minecraft, I'm no longer totally sure if I like the direction it's been taking. Maybe the new contracts and stuff will put this game back on the track again.
  6. Vespasianus

    What did you name your first rocket?

    My first successfull rocket was named Orbiter 1. Very original, right? Anyway, the series of Orbiter rockets were highly successfull, and the first moonrocket to land on the mun was built on the same principle, though it was called Sunrise V (5). Heh, I've used that principle from 0.17. I haven't changed it one bit.
  7. Vespasianus

    Hey everyone

    Welcome to the forums! Yeah, this game should be classified as some sort of drug. You can't get enough of it! Happy lurking!
  8. Vespasianus

    New here

    Welcome to the forums! If you need help with anything, just ask. We'll be happy to help you!
  9. Vespasianus

    Help with buying a Tablet

    Oh, ok. Didn't know that. Thank you!
  10. Vespasianus

    Hi, all!

    Welcome to the forums! Yes, the first time you successfully rendezvous, that's a feeling you'll never forget. The same for the first munlanding Now to docking... if you need any help, just ask. Good luck!
  11. Vespasianus

    Help with buying a Tablet

    So the nexus will not take any damage from doing so? I mean, the US system is 110V, right?
  12. Vespasianus

    Help with buying a Tablet

    Well, I'm going on vacation to the U.S of A in a few weeks, and thought I'd buy a new Nexus 7 there, as it's much cheaper there than in Sweden (stupid high sales tax). I've already figured out the warranty, place to buy, and so on, but I still don't know how to charge the thing here in Sweden. Is it possible to charge it via USB from my laptop? Or do I need to buy an adapter? Is there any difference in the battery of the European and US version? And so on. Thanks!
  13. It's very nice that these devstreams are coming back, but as some people already said, just two-three hours earlier would be ok. It's Friday after all, a little late it can be
  14. Vespasianus

    [Breaking News] SQUAD Streams are back!!!

    Well, as long as hell doesn't break out this time No, seriously, this is great. I've been missing them. Thanks Squad! Hopefuly the time difference won't matter...
  15. Vespasianus

    Suomea :P

    Lär ni er fortfarande svenska i Finland? Förstår inte varför... Stackare Sorry about this not being Finnish.