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  1. If I already bought KSP from the store, is there a way for me to put it on my steam library for free, instead of buying it again on steam?
  2. Jeez, didn't know this forum was full of troll-accusing bumfaces. Nice job with the "Welcoming community" . Now take out your anger elsewhere.
  3. KSP is a game, not a simulator. People say "Mechjeb is OK because NASA automates everything in real life!!!!" but in real life, space flight isn't a game, real lives are at stake and manual control is too risky. Imagine how boring KSP would be if it automatically went to any planet at the click of a button.
  4. Charon looks like an olive with that dark spot on the north pole.
  5. These pics will be in true color, right?
  6. No one in my school likes KSP, I don't have any friends who even know about it, so does anyone here have teamviewer and want to play KSP with me using teamviewer application sharing? I have been playing KSP for 2 years so if you need a tutorial, I can show you how to do stuff like get to the mun, go to other planets, build good ships. If you aren't comfortable with someone having access to your computer, we'll do it on my computer.
  7. What is the Heading PID P setting for the rover autopilot? I screwed it up and forgot the number it was at default
  8. My skype username: coupon1234 I have decided to start giving KSP tutorials vith Skype and teamviewer. I can teach you anything, building rockets, and anything from getting orbit to going to other planets. How this will work is, once I add you to skype, you can download teamviewer. Since many people believe teamviewer is dangerous and unsecure (which it is not, they are just paranoid) you can view the screen on my computer, and we will play on the same running KSP program. You can interact with it, but if you do anything bad I can stop the connection. I will walk you through the steps of how to do something, whether it's getting to orbit or getting to the mun. Since I can see what is happening in your game, it will be more useful than a youtube tutorial. Teamviewer has an inbuilt chat system, so we can use that or skype for voice, if you want. I did this once, many months ago, and I successfully taught someone to get to mun. If you are interested, add me on skype! coupon1234
  9. Also, since some people think teamviewer is unsecure, if you're scared, we can just do a skype call that shows my screen, so you can follow along my KSP as you play on your KSP, and you can ask questions.
  10. Right click bug. That is all.
  11. Problem is that I don't know anyone in real life that would enjoy KSP... if you showed KSP to the average person, they would laugh at you and go back to playing COD black ops. But yea, does anyone want to do this?
  12. Anyone? It's not a scam, I promise.
  13. Back when I was learning to play KSP, I asked lots of questions on this forum. And without the people that answered questions, I wouldn't be as good as KSP, so I want to return the favor. What I want to do is KSP lessons via skype or teamviewer. Teamviewer is an application that lets others remote access your computer, but it's not as dangerous as it sounds, it has many security measures. This way, we both can share the same KSP and look at it together, which sounds fun. If you are scared, you can use the KSP on my computer, but I will make it restricted so you can only see the screen, not change it. Teamviewer has an in built chat. So if you are a total KSP newb, I can show you how to do anything from get in orbit, to going to other planets. Contact me on skype, my skype is coupon1234. Also, since some people think teamviewer is unsecure, if you're scared, we can just do a skype call that shows my screen, so you can follow along my KSP as you play on your KSP, and you can ask questions.
  14. Are there any other secret cheats that are hidden in the debug menu like that?
  15. No, I mean the calculator doesn't work very well because since the orbit of moho is elliptical, it could either be too early or too late.