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  1. You are billy. And literally anything else, since SQUAD can't deliver a decent game without adding whatever flavor-of-the-month mod, or letting some modder fix their trash.
  2. Building a computer for a game ruined by billy is what's sad. Build it to play better games.
  3. Man, if you are building a pc for KSP, then you are misguided. KSP isn't worth building a new pc for.
  4. I haven't felt the hype since 0.18. Squad really went downhill quick, and it seems they're only just returning to their more advanced section of the audience.
  5. This is what it's all about. All of that.
  6. This is just plain idiotic. It's a pure cash-grab, and that much is clear. They don't care how anyone here will feel, since they'll be lining their pockets with console money.
  7. Still waiting on "Set Thrust Limited to X%". My poor Shuttle needs it.
  8. How about this time don't merge in changes at the last minute without passing them through QA. 1.0 let people make a good mockery of QA because of your own incompetence.
  9. How about a working game, with half the features they said they'd have actually in the game. Instead, they're probably just going to add the flavor-of-the-month mod again, and call it a day.
  10. Sorry, forgot we're not allowed to be angry at each other. I'll be a good little goy, I promise.
  11. How about giving us a way to run this on the win64 build, regardless of instability? What if we don't care about it at all? I want to use x64, and don't care about the bugs.
  12. Not like it matters if you recover anything. Anything that you're not controlling that enters a decaying orbit is sent to a "purgatory" of sorts. Why does Squad get away with this? Doesn't this cause save-files to get bogged down?
  13. Don't be like that. Just put up a donation button for shekels if you want some.
  14. Can you re-upload them somewhere other than Curse? I refuse to support that website. Having a mirror on mediafire or similar is best anyways.
  15. I was having the incompatibility as well, so I removed this mod. However, I'll throw a clean install together and get an output.log for you with this and hotrockets installed shortly.
  16. So, when selecting the F100 and the J85 engines in the editor, they spit out effects, then in-flight it still spits effects and has no sound, not to mention doesn't function, no staging, etc.
  17. Thanks! (Apparently I have to post 10 characters)
  18. The ads themselves have been known to serve malware there. Plus, I refuse to support Curse.
  19. Can someone reupload this anywhere other than curse? I refuse to be served malware.
  20. thoose are all epic meems xDDD but is that a crack deeler?
  21. my favorite is jeb, he doesnt afrad of anything xDDDD whats youres?!
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